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What Causes Mildew?


Mildew is not pleasant to have around your home. If it isn’t removed, it can do damage to your clothes, walls and furniture. It can also create a bad smell around the house. Because mildew is unhygienic and forms bacteria, it is important you always work on preventing it from growing. But just what causes mildew to grow?

what causes mildew? 

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The Causes of Mildew


Generally, moisture is one of the main causes of mildew. Whenever a room has a high humidity level, mildew will form and spread. Whenever you have a shower, you’ll notice the room gets moister. This is why turning the fan on after you finish is important as it eliminates the moisture.

Over time, your bath mat, bathroom rug, towels and shower curtain will grow more mildew, so you must stay on top of cleaning duties.

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Darkness is also a cause of mildew growing. Places like closets, attics or rooms with little sunlight will grow mildew. We highly recommend you constantly clean your house and closets to prevent mildew from latching onto your clothes.

Ensure you keep the doors and windows open as this allows in natural light which eliminates mould and mildew. Good air circulation also helps to maintain a consistent temperature in the house.

We also recommend you air-dry your clothes inside out facing the sunlight as this will eliminate any mildew.

Now that you know what causes mildew to form in the house, we hope you’ll take steps to prevent it from growing.

If you do stumble across any mildew stain on your clothes, remember we are available to help! Just book a collection date, wait for our driver and then within 24 hours, your clothes will be returned back to you all clean and mildew-free!

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2 thoughts on “What Causes Mildew?

  1. Thank you for your work. Indeed, high humidity causes mold growth. That’s why it is important to maintain your HVAC system to ensure good air quality in your laundry.

  2. Great blog on the causes of mildew! It is informative and easy to understand. I appreciate the way you have explained the various factors that contribute to mildew growth, such as moisture, and poor ventilation.Overall, this is a well-written and useful resource for anyone dealing with mildew issues. Good job!

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