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Tips For Travelling Abroad With Toddlers

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Travelling abroad with toddlers can be a challenge. They’re at an age where they are just beginning to explore things and are curious about everything. With that comes a large amount of playful energy and occasional tantrums.

To make your trip go smoothly, here are some useful tips for travelling with toddlers.

Tips For Travelling Abroad With Toddlers

  • Take your time to do things

With toddlers, you’ll need to take your time to do things because they love to explore and take their time to do so. Whether that’s going to your gate at the airport or sightseeing, leave enough time for them to be able to explore their surroundings. It will help you keep your cool and avoid them having tantrums.

For the air plane, a trick to get them to behave is to tire them out before the flight so they can just sleep it off once they get onto the air plane. Perfect for long haul flights. 

  • Bring snacks and entertainment

Toddlers get hungry, thirsty and bored quite frequently. On your flight, make sure to pack enough snacks and bring a suitable amount of milk if necessary. During your trip, bring just as enough snacks and beverages, especially if you will be out for most of the day.

Bring your child’s favourite stuffed toy/ blanket- whatever they can’t sleep without and some activity kits. You can also pre-download a few of their favourite series on the iPad or let them play games on your phone.

  • Don’t plan too much in one day

Plan 1-2 activities a day because you will get exhausted quickly trying to do so much. Leave extra time to travel and stay longer in those places you plan to visit so that you can be relaxed. It will help to start the day early and perhaps allocate some downtime in between. For example, leaving early in the morning and going back to the hotel in the afternoon to relax before going out for dinner in the evening.

  • Find activities fun for everyone

Balance the day out with activities that everyone in the family will enjoy. Plan a kids activity in the morning and leave the afternoon/evening for what you want to do, or find family-friendly places for everyone to enjoy.

  • Keep calm 

You want to remain as calm as possible in the events that your toddler decides to throw a tantrum. Think about the worst possible scenarios that your child will put you through and think of a solution for every one of them.

Other than the toddler tantrums, the last thing you want to worry about while on holiday is the laundry! For all your laundry needs, book a collection with a laundry and dry cleaning service like laundryheap. You can find our services available in the UK, UAE, Dublin and Amsterdam.

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