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Things to consider when using a laundromat


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If you don’t have access to a washing machine at home, you can always use a laundromat. Before using a laundromat for the first time, consider these things. 

  • Is the laundromat local?
  • Have you separated your clothing?
  • Do you know how to pay?
  • Have you got detergent and fabric softener?
  • Does your laundromat provide washing and drying services?
  • How will you fill your time between washing your clothes?
  • Is there another way to wash your clothes? 

Is the laundromat local?

The first thing to consider before using a laundromat is how local it is. If you have a lot of washing to do, and your only options are to walk or get public transport, the closer the laundromat is the better. 

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Have you separated your clothing?

Sometimes laundromats can become very busy and it can be difficult to find a machine to use. Before you leave for the laundromat, separate your clothing into whites and colours. This means you can put your clothing immediately into the machine and speed up the laundry process. 

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Do you know how to pay?

Not all laundromats have the same payment system. Some laundromats only accept cash, whereas others will accept cash and card payments. You can check online to see what your laundromats preferred payment method is, or make sure that you have both payment options with you. 

Have you got detergent and fabric softener?

Some laundromats will have vending machines where you can buy small bottles of laundry detergent and fabric softener. That being said, it is much more cost-efficient to use your own detergent and fabric softener. 

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Does your laundromat provide washing and drying services?

The majority of laundromats will provide both washing machines and tumble dryers, however, it is always best to double-check just in case. 

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How will you fill your time between washing your clothes?

Depending on how many loads of washing you need to do, and whether you are both washing and drying your clothes, there can be a long stretch of time between the beginning and end of your wash. How are you going to fill this time? You can choose to leave the laundromat whilst your washing is on, however, if you want to stay, you could do some work, read a book, or talk to a friend.

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Is there another way to wash your clothes?

If you don’t have a washing machine, a laundromat is not your only option for washing your clothes. At Laundryheap, we will pick up your clothing directly from your house, launder it, and re-deliver your clothing straight to your door. We work around your schedule, and can even complete your laundry service in as little as 24 hours. You can see whether Laundryheap operates in your area by using our postcode checker. 

To book your Laundryheap service, simply head to the Laundryheap website or download the free Laundryheap app. 

5 thoughts on “Things to consider when using a laundromat

  1. I appreciate the valuable insights shared in your blog. The information provided is highly informative and practical for individuals who rely on laundromats for their laundry needs.

    You have done an excellent job highlighting the key factors that one should consider before using a laundromat. From discussing the importance of location and cleanliness to emphasizing the significance of machine availability and pricing transparency, your blog post covers all the essential aspects that customers need to be aware of.

    Furthermore, I appreciate how you have provided helpful tips and suggestions to ensure a smooth and efficient laundromat experience. Your blog post serves as a great resource for those who are new to using laundromats or even for seasoned users looking to enhance their laundry routines.

  2. Laundry services are considered to be the savior of time. That’s because performing laundry tasks at home involves a lot of time and effort.

  3. Thank you for your advice to separate your colors before you go to the laundromat. My daughter is going to be going to the laundromat for the first time and has been wondering what she should be doing to prepare. I’ll be sure to pass this on to her so that she can feel more ready for this experience.

  4. This blog is very useful for laundromat

  5. I loved that you said that it is better to choose a laundromat that is closer so you can benefit from it when your only option is to walk or use public transport. My dirty clothes need to be washed as soon as possible because I do not find any other clothes that would fit my job. I am planning to visit a laundromat, and I do not have a car to use, so I will consider all your tips.

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