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How To Whiten Your White Clothes Naturally

How do you keep your white clothes just as white as you bought it? Easy, read the how to keep your whites, white guide.

The real question is, how can you naturally whiten your white clothes if they’re already looking a little dull? Chlorine bleach is a quick solution to whitening your white clothes but it also comes with irritation and toxins.

So, say goodbye to the bleach and say hello to whiter and brighter clothes with these natural whitening methods.

How To Whiten Your White Clothes Naturally

  • Baking Soda

Add 1/2 a cup of baking soda into your washer along with your clothes and laundry detergent, then wash as normal. 

Use baking soda to pre-treat stains before laundering as usual: add 4 tablespoons of baking soda to a cup of water to create a paste. Then use the mixture to scrub directly onto the stain and let sit for up to 10 mins.

Baking soda will help to whiten your white clothes and get rid of stains!


  • Distilled white Vinegar

Add 1/2-1 cup of vinegar into your washer along with your clothes and laundry detergent, then launder as normal.  If you’re worried about the smell, don’t, as the smell will disappear after drying.

Vinegar is great for treating invisible and spot stains. Spray vinegar on the underarm area of the garment and directly on the stained spot. You can also rub vinegar directly on the spot stain and let it sit for an hour before wishing as normal.


  • Borax

Add 1/2 a cup of Borax into your washer along with your clothes and laundry detergent, then wash as normal. Borax is a natural mineral which helps keep your laundry clean from residue, thus brightening and whitening your clothes. It also deodorises and removes stains.


  • Lemon

Add 1/4-1/2 a cup of lemon juice into your washer along with your clothes and laundry detergent, then launder as normal. 

For a stronger whitening method, fill a large pot with water and lemon slices from 1-2 lemons and boil. Turn off heat, add items and leave to soak for an hour. Then wash as normal.

This will help brighten and get rid of stains!

photo of sliced lemons on white plate

  • Hydrogen peroxide

Add 1/2 a cup of hydrogen peroxide into your washer along with your clothes and laundry detergent, then launder as normal. Hydrogen peroxide whitens and brightens clothes, disinfects and removes stains.


  • Sunlight

Finally, whenever you possibly can, air dry your clothes in full exposure to the sun. The suns UV rays help to brighten up your whites, remove odour and leave them smelling fresh.



On a different note, if you’ve been paying much attention to reading this blog, you’ll realise that these methods also help to remove stains! (Makes sense though doesn’t it?) So you can use these methods on coloured clothes too to get rid of spot stains. 

For lazy days, you can schedule a laundry collection service with us and we’ll get those white clothes shining for you! Better yet, we can remove the stains too!

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How To Keep Your Whites, White!

When we buy white clothes, we want them to remain white after washing- not turn a darker shade of white (grey)! Most of us also want to completely avoid using bleach or optical brighteners to keep them white but we’re talking about the maintenance of white clothes here. How to naturally whiten white clothes is a different story.

We at Laundryheap know all the factors to consider when washing whites without the need of using chemical products. The secret? Wash them properly, of course! 

How To Keep Your Whites, White!

  1. Wash whites with whites: A common mistake most of us make is that we mix our white colours with other light, non-colourfast colours. Why? Because most of us are lazy. What we should do is separate whites completely from other colours and wash with white clothes ONLY. If you’re already doing this, good job! *applauds*
  2. Don’t overload the machine: Putting too much clothes in the machine will prevent your whites from being cleaned properly as the detergent will find difficulty in circulating through the load, which as a result will not give it’s optimal cleaning performance. When loading the machine, fill it about three quarters of the way to ensure it isn’t overloaded.
  3. Don’t overload with detergent: Some of us may think that by putting a lot of detergent, we’ll certainly get cleaner clothes meaning whiter clothes, right? Wrong! Too much detergent can in fact add an extra layer to the garment which causes build-up, leading to discolouration.
  4. Treat stains ASAP: Don’t delay in treating stains; for the longer you leave them, the tougher they are to remove! PLUS that’s how you get that awkward darker patch on your white clothes. With wine or ketchup stains, we are certain to treat them quickly, but we should also do the same for invisible’ stains such as sweat stains. Read here for natural methods of stain removal.
  5. Wash in the hottest water (by care label): It’s best to wash your garments according to what it says on the care label. To get the most out of your whites, follow the set temperature that the label recommends you to wash them at- don’t go a temperature lower! That way, your whites will surely stay white and gleaming.
  6. Wash whites regularly: With coloured clothes, it’s best to wash them after a few wears to keep the colours from fading. When it comes to whites, it’s a completely different story. The best time to wash them is after wearing them once or twice. Did you know that invisible body soils are one of the reasons why your whites start to turn a grey/ yellow colour? Yeah. That’s way it’s best to wash them regularly to avoid that.
  7. Dry accordingly: Of course the label will know what the best method is in drying your whites. So, for garments that allow you to tumble dry (if you own a dryer or use one) don’t over dry your whites as it will cause it to look worn out.If you naturally air dry your clothes, then, no comment, that will do just fine!

BONUS: If you’re laundry smart, you’ll realise that all of these tips mentioned will not only make your whites glowing but can also be considered to promote longevity of the rest of your clothes too!

If you have some tips that you use to keep your white clothes white, share them in the comments section! 🙂