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Beach Laundry Tips for Your Next Holiday

Everybody loves the beach, building sandcastles, swimming and sunbathing. Beaches are fun but the laundry afterwards can be quite the headache. Luckily for you, we have a couple of beach laundry tips that will wash away your laundry worries!

1. Check That Sand Is Fully Removed From Towels and Shoes

While you’re at the beach, it’s easy to love the sand until you realise your clothes are cluttered with sand. One of the most important beach laundry tips, for you, is always to make sure the sand is fully removed from your towels before putting them in the washing machine.

Consequently, sand could harm your washing machine. Excessive sand will cause your machine to get clogged. To prevent this, get your towels and shake them to remove any sand. If your towel is already wet, take advantage of the hot weather and hang it outside. Once dry, give it a shake again to double-check the sand is gone.

Once you are 100% sure sand is out of towels, put them in the washing machine and dry them in the tumble dryer afterwards to maintain their fluffiness.

If your shoes have sand inside them, take them off and give them a shake to remove them.

Alternatively, you can wear sand-friendly shoes to prevent sand being trapped inside your footwear.

Beach Laundry Tip - Remove SwimSuit

2. The Swimsuit Needs To Be Hand-Washed

Our second beach laundry tip is to make sure you are hand-washing your swimsuit. Doing this will ensure better results. A swimsuit is something all beach-goers take pride in and it deserves to be taken care of properly even if it’s a very sporadic outfit.

Firstly, fill your sink with water (lukewarm preferably) and soap. Then start to rinse your swimsuit gently and scrub it to remove any dirt or stains. We highly advise you not to put it in the dryer as the high temperature can cause the fabric to get damaged.

People swimming at the beach

3. Come Prepared With a Laundry Basket

When we think of beach preparations, we think of bringing beach mats, ice boxes, food etc. To be a step ahead, why not bring a small laundry basket? If you’re travelling with family, it might be best to put all the towels in one basket as opposed to carrying them with you. If there is a shower available in the facilities near the beach, you can have a shower and leave your dirty swimsuit in the laundry basket!

It is essential that you also bring a bin bag to put all your rubbish away. The beaches are beautiful and they need to be kept clean!

Beach Laundry Tip - Laundry basket

You now have the beach laundry trips that will save you stress and time next time you have a day out on the beach!

If you feel you won’t have time to do your beach laundry, just book with us! Choose a collection date and we’ll come, clean your beach laundry, and deliver them back to you within 24 hours!

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How To Care For Your Swimsuit

Looking for the perfect swimsuit can be a struggle, but once you find it, you have to make sure that it can last longer than one season. There are a few things you have to take into consideration if you want to prolong the life of your swimsuit.

How To Care For Your Swimsuit 

  • Rinse after use
  • Wash after every wear
  • Don’t machine wash
  • Avoid dryers!

Rinse after use

Don’t allow your swimsuit to completely dry up after you’ve taken a swim in it. You should always rinse off your swimsuit immediately to wash off the salt water or chlorine, so these elements don’t ruin the fabric of your suit. Do this even when you’re having breaks between swimming and when you’ve finished. There are usually showers nearby that you can use while wearing your swimsuit anyway. 

Wash after every wear

It’s important to properly wash your swimsuit after every wear to remove the bacteria from the sea or chlorine from the pool. Even if you wear your swimsuit to the beach but don’t end up swimming in it, you should still wash it. The reason is that bodily fluid, like sweat, and sunscreen can cause yellow and gradual stains over time.

Don’t machine wash

The best cleaning method for your swimsuit is to hand wash it. Avoid putting your swimsuit into the washing machine as the agitation is harsh for the fabric fibres, wearing it down quicker. Instead, hand wash it in cold water with a mild detergent on its own.

Avoid dryers!

Just like the washing machine, tumble dryers are harsh on swimsuits, especially as it dries with heat and agitation. Putting it in the dryer will weaken your suits elasticity and also distort its shape. Instead, let your swimsuit naturally drip dry or dry flat. Avoid drying in direct sunlight as this can cause the colour to fade.