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How To Be More Organised At Home

Overtime, clutter and mess start piling up, especially for families with little children. It’s hard to be organised at home when you have so many things to do already, yet so little time to do them. But there are ways that will help you keep track and stay on top of your organising game! 

How To Be More Organised At Home

  • Have a ‘home’ for your items 
  • Clutter control system
  • Ditch duplicate items
  • Get rid of things that you no longer need
  • Have a cleaning schedule
  • Have a checklist

Have A ‘Home’ For Your Items

You’ll notice that there are certain areas around your home that just have huge piles of miscellaneous items. The areas are most likely counter tops, tables and even on the floor. The reason why things just pile up is because we don’t know where to put them; they don’t have a home. 

So, find a place to put every item to avoid unwanted clutter and the inconvenience of tidying it up when guests come over. If it’s a book, put it on the shelf, if it’s stationary, put it in a drawer or if they’re documents, file it. Whatever it is, just find an appropriate place to keep it, where you’ll remember it’s location.

shelf storage organise

Clutter Control System

To help organise your cluttered items (and give a home to them), add a few accessories to your home. By accessories I mean wall hooks, wall cabinets, an entryway organiser, a coat stand etc. These will keep your things that you use on a daily basis stored in an easy to locate place. It’s especially useful for when you’re always on the go and you tend to leave your keys on the table or your coat on the sofa. 

Also, make sure to have storage boxes or baskets where necessary around your home to keep your things organised. You’ll no longer have to keep your things just laying around.

cabinet organise

Ditch Duplicate Items

It’s common to have multiple of the same items, for example, pens, dining ware, cups or slippers. But when is having multiple items too much? It’s when you have a restaurant amount of dining ware for a family of 4. It’s when you have 20 pairs of slippers for two people or when you have 50 pens in your home.

Getting rid of duplicate items is one way to a clutter-free and organised home. If these items are still in good shape, give them away. If they’re worn out or broken, throw them away. 


Get Rid Of Things That You No Longer Need

Look through your book shelf , drawers or wardrobe and throw away things you no longer have use for. Again, if they’re in good condition give it away to someone who will benefit from it, like an old book or some old toys.


Have A Cleaning Schedule

Household chores are always going to be difficult to keep up with, unless you have so much time on your hands.

To keep up with home cleaning, create a schedule. Yes! Cliché to say but a schedule will always help you be organised and keep you on top of things. Create a personalised, long-term schedule for non-daily tasks like cleaning your bathroom once every week or changing your bed sheets every 2 w

eeks etc.

For daily tasks like washing dishes or doing laundry, these should be done right away instead of putting it off. This will avoid more dishes or more clothes piling up.

If your laundry routine is a little too hard to keep up with, visit our 5 Tips To Stay On Top Of Your Laundry blog where we advise you how to keep on top of your laundry and provide you with a downloadable laundry schedule.

weekly plan organise

Have A Checklist

Checklists are great for setting yourself a reminder to do specific tasks. They’re great for quick, daily tasks, like remembering to take out the trash on time for rubbish collection day or putting away clothes. With so much things going on, it can be hard to remember the little things you need to do. So jot them down and tick them off once it’s done. That way you won’t have to wait till next week for your rubbish to be collected.


Once you start doing things repeatedly around your home in an organised and orderly manner, you’ll eventually get used to it and then it just becomes a natural habit. 

If you have any other tips to an organised, clutter-free home, please feel free to share them in the comments section. 🙂