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On-Demand Laundry Service Laundryheap Acquires Laundrapp!

Laundryheap has completed the acquisition of Laundrapp, one of the key competitors in the UK laundry market industry. Founded in 2014 as a start-up on-demand laundry service, Laundryheap’s mission was to give the public a convenient laundry service and the growth certainly hasn’t stopped! Acquiring Laundrapp is a testament to the astronomical rise of Laundryheap.

What does this mean for Laundryheap?

The acquisition of Laundrapp means Laundryheap has expanded its regional reach across the UK, making us the market leader in the UK. Previously, Laundrapp acquired Wash box and merged with competitor Zipjet.

CEO and Founder Deyan Dmitrov made the following comments:

‘The acquisition of Laundrapp is a testament to the resilience of our model and ongoing demand for high-quality, reliable on-demand laundry services. We’re delighted to be expanding our UK footprint‘ Source: City A.M

Essentially, this also means Laundryheap’s customer base has increased. The hard work doesn’t stop, and the mission and objectives will remain the same. Laundryheap will still make it a key priority to give you, the consumer, the best on-demand laundry service that is fast, easy, and convenient for your laundry duties!

Laundry Made Easier with Laundryheap

What will happen to Laundrapp?

Laundrapp’s employees will be retained. Before the acquisition of Landrapp, both laundry services worked to make laundry easier for everyone and this won’t change now! We are looking forward to welcoming the team from Laundrapp and getting involved in working together!

Over the coming months, however, the Laundrapp brand will be replaced by the Laundryheap brand.

What’s next for Laundryheap?

The magnitude of Laundryheap’s success has been massive. Operating globally in countries such as UAE, Denmark, Singapore, Netherlands, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Ireland and USA was a success in its own right. Becoming the main market leader in the UK now bodes well for the future. There is still a (laundry) list of goals and objectives that we’ll work on.

The focus on helping the environment, even more, remains a priority still. Laundryheap has recently invested in e-cargo bikes. It’s great that customers get their laundry cleaned within 24 hours but doing it in a sustainable way is the icing on the cake!

on-demand laundry service!

We would like to thank everyone that has been involved in the journey since 2014! The Laundryheap members, partners and especially the customers have all been essential to the success and growth!

Book with Laundryheap today by visiting our website or downloading the free Laundryheap app on iOS or Android.

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Rebrand! The new Laundryheap

Welcome to the new Laundryheap brand- strong and dynamic, and putting you at the centre. With a brand new logo, vivid colour palette, and bold typography, Laundryheap has never felt more like a brand that you can trust. Let us reintroduce you to who we are and tell you more about our new brand. 

  • Who is Laundryheap?
  • The old Laundrheap 
  • The new Laundryheap
  • The future of Laundryheap

Who is Laundryheap?

Laundryheap is a global on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service. We offer a flexible and convenient solution to laundry, giving you more time to spend doing the things you love. At Laundryheap, we value your time, which is why we offer a 24-hour turnaround at no additional charge. We are fast, reliable, and strive to ensure that our customers receive a quality service. 

The old Laundryheap 

The old Laundryheap brand prioritised functionality, but we now want to increase our focus on creating a personal relationship with our customers. We felt a disconnect between our brand and those who were using our services. This, coupled with the rapid growth that we have experienced over the past year, urged us to create a new and dynamic brand that better represented who we are as a company, and brought us closer to you, our customer. 

The new Laundryheap

We are still the same Laundryheap, offering a fast and reliable 24-hour laundry and dry cleaning service for customers and businesses, we have just built a stronger brand that better reflects our reliability and ability to empathise with our customers. Don’t believe me? Let me show you the new and improved Laundryheap brand. 


You may notice that the new Laundryheap logo is not dissimilar to our old logo. We didn’t want to completely change our icon, simply modify it to look sleeker and more human-centred, achieved by creating softer edges to better combine the image of a freshly laundered shirt with a heart. Our logo remains strong and focused, the emblem of a company that you can trust with your laundry, whilst also showing the happiness we achieve by providing our customers with the quality laundry service they deserve.  

Colour palette

Our new colour palette has been designed to be vivid but non-intrusive with a mixture of light pastel colours and darker, more vibrant, shades. We wanted to highlight the happiness and warmth of Laundryheap, whilst remaining consistent and professional, creating a colour palette that reflects the trustworthiness and confidence of the Laundryheap brand.


Laundryheap’s new imagery perfectly combines the functionality of using Laundryheap’s services with the joy our customers feel at having an empty laundry basket. We want to highlight the ways that you could spend your time after the stress of doing your laundry has been eliminated, doing so with a series of bright and happy imagery.


The typography that we have chosen is bold and distinctive to assure you that we are a company that understands laundry and can adequately care for yours. That being said, there is a slight curve to the lettering we have chosen, giving it a softer, friendlier, and less authoritative tone. 


For Laundryheap’s new brand to be cohesive across all of our platforms, we have created a brand new set of guidelines. Our guidelines clearly outline how our new imagery, typography, colour palette, and logo should be used to convey Laundryheaps ethos to you, our customers. With our new visual brand, comes a change in tone. Rather than being distant and overly professional, we want our voice to allow you to get to know us. At Laundryheap we are confident, witty, and trustworthy, and we want to share that with you. 

The future of Laundryheap

Our mission is to become the first choice for outsourcing laundry globally. Providing everyone with a fast, quality laundry service, which allows them to focus more of their energy on doing what they love. As a company, we are committed to working sustainably and are adjusting the way we work every day to lower our carbon footprint and help save our planet. Above all, we hope to continue serving our customers, both old and new, and we hope that our new brand will help us to achieve a more personal relationship with you. 

To book your Laundryheap service download the free Laundryheap app from the Google Play store or Apple App Store or head to the Laundryheap website.

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A world of inspirational women

The world is overflowing with inspirational women. In celebration of International Women’s Day, here are just a handful of those inspiring women. 

  • Helen Sharman OBE
  • Sinéad Burke
  • Crown Princess Victoria
  • Aletta Jacobs
  • Sandi Toksvig OBE
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg 
  • Sarah Al-Amiri
  • Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad Al-Thani
  • Noha Nabil
  • Tanzeel Jabbar-Khadir
  • Deborah Emmanuel

Helen Sharman OBE

In May 1991, at 26 years old, Helen Sharman became the first British astronaut. Hand selected from 13,000 applicants, Helen underwent a rigorous 18 months of training, before she was launched into space. She was in space for just under 8 days, conducting media and agricultural research. Today, Helen is the Outreach Ambassador for Imperial College London, inspiring the next generation of astronauts to, quite literally, reach for the stars. 

Sinéad Burke

Sinéad Burke is a writer, academic, disability activist, and director of the consulting organisation Tilting the Lens, which works to raise the baseline standard in accessibility to design a more accessible world. When she was 16 years old, she began blogging about the fashion industries exclusion of disabled people. Since then, she has done an incredibly successful TED talk, ‘why design should include everyone’, has been invited to the White House under the Obama administration to highlight the importance of inclusive design, and was one of the 15 women selected for the cover of the September 2019 issue of British Vogue, guest edited by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. In 2020 she published her first book, ‘Break the Mould’, which includes lessons for children and adults on accepting who you are. 

Crown Princess Victoria

Crown Princess Victoria is the heir to the Swedish throne and, when she becomes queen, will be the first queen of Sweden since 1720. Aside from fulfilling her royal duties, Princess Victoria is heavily involved in charity work, focusing specifically on children. The Crown Princess Victoria Fund was established in 1997 and provides support for leisure and recreational activities for children and young people with chronic illnesses. She is also an LGBTQ+ advocate. 

Image by Håkan Dahlström Photography

Aletta Jacobs

Physician and women suffrage activist Aletta Jacobs, was the first woman to officially attend a Dutch university, and was one of the first female physicians in the Netherlands. After graduating in 1879, Aletta began providing medical services to women and children. She grew increasingly concerned with the health of working women as there were no laws protecting them, meaning that their economic position was compromised. In an attempt to help, Aletta opened a free clinic in 1882, to teach women about hygiene and child care, as well as provide contraception advice and methods. Her clinic was the first birth control clinic in the world. She continued practicing medicine until 1903, however, her attention was always focused on women’s rights and she was instrumental in the establishment of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. 

Image by Jim Forest

Sandi Toksvig OBE

Sandi Toksvig OBE, is a British-Danish writer, comedian, broadcaster, actor, podcaster, and political activist. She has worked on some of the biggest shows on British TV, including The Great British Bake Off and QI. In 2015 Toksvig founded the Women’s Equality Party, a political party that campaigns for gender equality. She explained the reason behind setting up the party was because “it’s not too late to fight the good fight.” 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

From 1993 until her death in 2020, Ruth Bader Ginsburg served as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. She was the first Jewish woman and only the second woman to serve on the Court. Throughout her legal career, Ginsburg was an advocate for women’s rights and gender equality. She worked to upend legislation that discriminated based upon gender, was a founding counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union’s Women’s Rights Project, and designed and taught law courses on gender discrimination laws. She is and will always be a feminist icon. 

Sarah Al-Amiri

On February 9th, 2021 the Hope spacecraft from the United Arab Emirate’s space agency went into orbit around Mars. Sarah Al-Amiri was the project’s lead scientist who, along with her 80% female workforce, launched Hope into space. In October 2017 Amiri was named Minister of State for Advanced Sciences in the United Arab Emirates Cabinet. In 2020 Amiri featured on the BBC’s 100 Women list, and in 2021 she was named in the Time’s list of Next 100 Most Influential People. 

Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad Al-Thani

Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad Al-Thani was named the most influential person in art on Artreview’s Power 100, and was listed in Forbes The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women. After graduating with a B.A. in political science and literature, Sheikha Al Mayassa established Reach Out To Asia, an NGO that helps victims of recent natural disasters in Asia. Alongside her philanthropy, Sheikha Al Mayassa is the chairperson of Qatar museums, chairperson of the Doha Film Institute, and is a member of the Board of Trustees at the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development. 

Noha Nabil

Noha Nabil has been named the most influential figure in the Arab world (2018), was ranked by Forbes in the Top 10 Most Influential Arab Women in Social Media (2017), and Most Influential Arab Figure (2016). She is a businesswoman, model, and media personality. Nabil works with luxury brands, such as Fendi, Armani, and Fendi, and in 2020, Vogue Business described her as “by far the biggest influencer in the Arabic Middle East”

Tanzeel Jabbar-Khadir

Australian native but Bahrain adoptee Tanzeel Jabbar-Khadir is the creator of #100BahrainStories. What began as a social media project in 2016, turned into a book, published in 2018. Tanzeel wanted to get to know the everyday people of Bahrain, so interviewed them and posted their stories online. She used the same format in her book, writing down the stories of Bahrain natives for the world to read. 

Deborah Emmanuel

Deborah Emmanuel is a Singaporean artist, best known for her poetry. From TEDXSingapore to the Performance Theatre, Emmanuel has toured the world with her poetry. Her work is heavily influenced by political and feminist discourse. 

Whilst you celebrate International Women’s Day, we will take care of your laundry. To book your Laundryheap service, head to the Laundryheap website, or download the free Laundryheap app. 

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