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Child-proof your laundry room

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

A laundry room is an incredibly useful space for getting laundry washed, dried, and ironed. It can also be an incredibly dangerous space for children. Try following these tips for child-proofing your laundry room. 

  • Keep products out of reach and view
  • Keep detergents in their original packaging
  • Safeguard laundry appliances
  • Securely store your ironing board
  • Make sure your iron is turned off when not in use
  • Always close your washing machine and dryer doors
  • Be aware of climbing hazards 
  • Do not store items directly on top of washers and dryers
  • Remember to regularly clean your lint traps
  • Avoid allowing children in the laundry room

Keep products out of reach and view

Laundry products are incredibly dangerous and, when ingested, can be fatal. Some products, such as laundry pods which are brightly coloured, could be mistaken as edible by children. To avoid potentially fatal injuries, it’s best to keep laundry products out of the reach and view of children. 

Keep detergents in their original packaging

Keeping detergents in their original packaging is useful if a child does come into contact with said detergent and sustains an injury. The detergent packaging will provide advice on the best way to proceed should this happen. In addition to this, many detergents have child-proof packing, specially designed to prevent children from opening it. This simply provides extra protection for a child should they be in the laundry room. 

Image by ajay_suresh

Safeguard laundry appliances

Children are incredibly curious and highly likely to open any cupboards and doors that they can reach. Unfortunately, these cupboards are likely to hold dangerous substances in laundry rooms, and doors, such as those on washing machines and dryers, could strike a child and cause an injury. This is why it is best to safeguard your appliances and cupboards by using child locks that will prevent your children from opening any doors and harming themselves. 

Image by Marco Verch Professional P

Securely store your ironing board 

Ironing boards are incredibly heavy and would cause anyone harm should one fall on them. Rather than propping your ironing board against a wall, it’s best to find a more secure way to store it, preferably in a cupboard or laying flat to prevent any risk of falling over. 

Make sure your iron is turned off when not in use

We’ve all made the mistake of becoming distracted whilst ironing and forgetting to turn the iron off. Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, children are curious and will touch whatever is in front of them, regardless of if it may burn them. To prevent any burns, turn your iron off before moving away from it, and store it in a safe location until it has completely cooled down. 

Always close your washing machine and dryer doors

Not only can children be struck by washing machine and dryer doors, but, if left open, children may climb into the appliances and become stuck. To avoid any unfortunate appliance mishaps, make sure that all appliance doors are securely shut and locked before allowing children in the laundry room. 

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Be aware of climbing hazards

Children love to climb and be adventurous, which is fun when they are in a safe environment, but not when in a laundry room. Before allowing any children into your laundry room, first check for climbing hazards, such as steps, stools, open drawers- anything that a child could hoist themselves on to in an attempt to climb to a higher surface. 

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Do not store items directly on top of washers and dryers

Laundry rooms are not particularly spacious, so you may find yourself using the tops of your washing machine and dryer to store items. It can be incredibly dangerous to leave items on top of your appliances as when you turn them on your machines will shake as they are working. This can lead to items falling from your machine, can risk hitting a child should they be in the laundry room. If you would like to use the space on top of your appliances to store items, it’s best to install a bench rather than placing items directly on the top. 

Remember to regularly clean your lint traps

The lint trap in your tumble dryer catches any debris that comes off of your clothing and prevents it from clogging up the dryer hose. Your lint trap must be cleaned regularly to prevent a build-up of lint in your filter. If you fail to regularly clean your filter it can cause blockages and potential fires. 

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Avoid allowing children in the laundry room

The best way to child-proof your laundry room is to prevent children from entering your laundry room. 

To avoid laundry room disasters, let Laundryheap do your washing for you. Simply book your Laundryheap order by heading to the Laundryheap website or by downloading the free Laundryheap app. 

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Laundry room space savers

Image by Christian Brothers

No matter how large your laundry room is, it never seems big enough. Mountains of washing, hefty boxes of laundry detergent scattered across every surface, an ironing board against one wall, and a washing machine taking up another. Does this sound familiar? No matter how large your laundry room is, these space savers can help you keep it clean, tidy, and, most importantly, manageable for doing your laundry. 

  • Hanging bars
  • Wall-mounted drying rack
  • Foldaway drying rack 
  • Floating shelves
  • Countertop 
  • Coat hooks
  • Door storage 
  • Glass jars
  • Folding laundry basket
  • Stack appliances

Hanging bars 

The easiest way to maximize the space of even the smallest laundry room is by using the walls. Tension rods are excellent for air-drying clothing or hanging clean washing ready to transfer to the wardrobe. Installing a few tension rods to the walls of your laundry room will free up space, whilst also providing wet clothes with more room to air dry, therefore speeding up the drying process. 

Image by Christian Brothers

Wall-mounted drying rack 

If you are short on drying space, a wall-mounted drying rack could be the solution. You can purchase these racks in a variety of different sizes, depending on your needs and budget. Once purchased, simply attach your drying rack to the wall, and start adding your wet laundry. Before adding your wet laundry, make sure that your drying rack has been securely attached to your wall as you don’t want it falling off. 

Foldaway drying rack

An alternative to the wall-mounted drying rack is a foldaway one. Foldaway drying racks can be unfolded and placed in your laundry room whilst your clothing dries, and, once it has served its purpose, collapsed and stored away. These drying racks are often folded to a slim size, so would easily fit in a gap in your laundry room. What is more, foldaway drying racks can fit a full load of laundry on them and are very reasonably priced. 

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Floating shelves

Another way to utilise the wall space in your laundry room is to install floating shelves. A floating shelf is a great way to store your laundry products, such as detergents and drying sheets, or even clean clothing that needs to be put away. You can install your floating shelves at varying heights so if you are using them to store laundry products you can keep them out of reach of children, or, alternatively, you can place them lower down so that they are accessible to everyone. 


Countertops are incredibly useful in laundry rooms for folding clothes, transferring clothes from the washer to tumble dryer, and simply placing things on whilst you are using them. You can install a countertop over your washing machine and tumble dryer to utilise space, and make it easier to transfer clothes from one machine to the next. 

Image by countrykitty

Coat hooks

Coat hooks can be hung individually or in strips, depending on the amount of wall space you want to take up and what you want to hang from them. A clever use for coat hooks is to hang your ironing board on the wall. Ironing boards can be hefty and not overly compact, so hanging them on the wall via coat hooks is a great way to utilise wall space and prevent it from taking up vital laundry room space. 

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Door storage

Every area of your laundry room can be utilised as storage, including your door. Door storage is very useful for storing smaller items, such as hand towels, laundry pods, or bottles of fabric softener. Often, the storage will simply hang over your door and drape down the length of it with small pockets or shelves to store items. They are usually very economical so are a perfect storage option, even for those on a tight budget. 

Photo by Darcy Lawrey from Pexels

Glass jars

If you buy your laundry detergent in bulk or make your own, glass jars are perfect for storing it. Rather than having boxes of detergent scattered around your laundry room, buy a few big glass jars and put them on a shelf, or even on top of your washing machine. They are much more elegant looking than cardboard boxes and will save you a massive amount of space. If you prefer to use liquid laundry detergent, you can buy glass bottles. 

Image by Susan

Folding laundry basket 

Laundry baskets seem to always be in the middle of the laundry room, taking up space, and being a potential trip hazard. A folding laundry basket not only limits the risk of tripping, but also means that once you are finished with it you can simply fold it and store it away until you need it again.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Stack appliances 

If you have both a washing machine and a tumble dryer, save space by stacking them on top of each other rather than having them side by side. This will give you more space in your laundry room, plus make it easier to transfer clothes from one machine to the next. These types of appliances tend to be hefty, so make sure you enlist some help before trying to lift them. 

Image by Christian Brothers

Making space-saving changes to your laundry room is easy, but what’s easier is booking a Laundryheap dry cleaning service. To book your service, simply head to the Laundryheap website, or download the free Laundryheap app.

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GET THE LOOK: Stylish Laundry Room On A Budget

How great would it be if your laundry room was welcoming you? Like wouldn’t you have the motivation to do laundry then? Because I know I would if my laundry room looked stylish and presentable.

If you’re looking to spice up your laundry room but don’t want to splash out too much ££ money, then look no further with our stylish laundry room guide- budget edition.

First things first, let’s check that you have these laundry room essentials:

Foldable drying rack: Great for natural air drying and most importantly, for those delicate garments that can’t be put into the dryer. Foldable drying racks can be used outside or indoors and folded away when not in use. It’s pretty much portable and easily accessible too.

Mesh bags: Just a little bag to put your delicate clothes in before you throw them into the washing machine- this is so that it doesn’t catch on to other clothing (bras) and the fabric doesn’t get ruined.

Divided Hamper: Great for sorting laundry on-the-go and definitely time saving too! If you haven’t already, get yourself a divided hamper to separate your whites, darks, and colours. The best thing about this is your laundry is already sorted way before putting it into the washing machine. Quite useful, eh?

An Ironing board: Yeah. I think most of us, if not everyone, has an ironing board.


Walls: In my opinion, simple designs make for a chic style. So,  if you’re planning to re-do your walls, I’d say paint it a blank canvas- a light pastel colour or just white!- so you can put up some framed pictures or paintings to give it that edgy look.

For those of you that want a design on your walls, I’d recommend something subtle and not so over powering that the walls are the only thing that’s noticed. Try a faint coloured, consistent pattern and avoid contrasting colours. Now you can either buy wallpaper or create a stencil to paint over if you have a particular preference.

laundry room

Built in storage: Laundry room storage is an absolute MUST. I mean you have many supplies that you use for your laundry routine such as laundry detergent, fabric conditioner etc.

Here are a few ways you can go about creating great storage space in your laundry room, just pick the one(s) which most suits your budget:

  • Baskets: Like the cheapest of the storage options is to have baskets. The perfect type of baskets for a chic look for your laundry room are woven ones.
  • Floating Shelves: Floating shelves are good for storing items that you don’t mind putting on display. So in terms of using it in your laundry room, you can use them to display your towels, put mini baskets on them and display items of interests (pictures or candles).
  • Rail rack: Great for hanging those garments that need to be kept hung straight after coming out of the washing machine and good for avoiding creases and wrinkles (less ironing)!
  • Cabinets: Cabinets are a great way to hide your stash of laundry supplies. Not only are they great for health and safety if you have little ones, but they will keep your laundry room looking tidy and organised. Try looking for used, in-good-condition cabinets if you can’t splash out for a new one.


Rug: You’re probably thinking, why would you put a rug in your laundry room? I’ll tell you why. Adding a rug to your laundry room will not only give it a unique touch, but it will give it that warm welcoming feel and cosiness so you can feel comfy doing the laundry. 

laundry room

Pretty little things: One you’ve got an idea of how your laundry room is going to look like, start to think about displaying items of that which will make you happy such as: a motivational quote, home plants, Potpourri, a laundry sign, a jar of dirt etc.

laundry room decor

If you liked the ideas or wish to share some great laundry room decor tips with us, leave us a comment 🙂 If you’re getting your laundry room renovated and would like to schedule a laundry, dry-cleaning, ironing or wash and fold service, then book with us today!