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5 Laundry Myths Vs Facts

There are many, many laundry myths that have been going on for quite some time. Some of which you already know the truth about and some laundry myths you’ve probably never heard of. 

Well, here are 5 common laundry myths, debunked!

laundry myths vs facts

MYTH #1: Adding more detergent will make your clothes cleaner

FACT: Too much detergent will be hard for the water to breakdown which will result to  build up as it creates an extra layer on your clothing. Totally opposite to getting cleaner clothes!

MYTH #2: Hot washes can clean better than cold washes

FACT: It’s true that hot washes are great for killing bacteria and heavily soiled garments. Cold water washes will clean just as great but it won’t sanitise them. Unfortunately, not all fabrics and garments can handle the heat of hot washes, as it can ruin and discolour lot of fabrics, especially dedicates. But don’t worry, choosing the right laundry detergent and right cycle will get your clothes clean even on a cold cycle.

MYTH #3: Heat from tumble dryers shrink clothes

FACT: There are a few factors as to why your clothes shrink. Shrinkage can actually occur when in an inappropriate wash cycle as it tampers with the fabric. The heat from tumble dryers are not the cause of shrinkage but the heat and aggressive action is what can cause it.

MYTH #4: All laundry detergents work the same way

FACT: They’re all created differently, catering to specific cleaning purposes. Read our blog about the right laundry detergent to get a quick overview of the differences.

MYTH #5: Double or triple washing means cleaner clothes

FACT: You won’t need to think about a second or third wash if you’re cleaning properly the first time. Save time by organising and putting the right amount of everything in.