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How To Identify Good Quality Clothing

Not all expensive clothing are of the best quality and not all affordable clothing are bad quality either. When going to shop for good quality clothing, there are several ways to check and test whether it is of good quality or not.

How To Identify Good Quality Clothing

  • The type of fabric

Anything made out of natural fibres will always be better than synthetics like polyester, acrylic, spandex or any other man-made fibres. This is because natural fibres are breathable and last longer no matter how many washes you put it through. With synthetics however, these type of fabrics will begin to wear out over time when constantly exposed to the agitation of laundering and tumble-drying. You also have to keep in mind that garments can be made out of cheap, low-quality fibres that are natural which result into poorly made clothes. So, when looking for good quality clothing, it’s useful to check the label first to see what type of fabric it is made from.

  • How the fabric feels

One easy way to judge the quality of clothes is by the way it feels when you touch it. Is the fabric soft and smooth? Or rough and brittle? The more fabric fibre there is, the more likely it will last longer. That’s not to say that the garment needs to be heavy to be good but if the woven fabric is tightly packed and is light weight, then this is likely to last long too. When choosing good quality fabric, it should feel nice against the skin and you’ll notice that it remains soft even after it’s washed.

  • Transparency

Fabrics that have a higher thread count are ones worth investing in. The thicker the fabric is, the better the quality will be. Clothing that is see-through or transparent when you hold it up against the light are of low-quality material. You can even test the clothing transparency by putting your hand inside the garment and checking to see if you can see the colour of your hand. If you can, just put the garment back and continue searching.

  • Stitching

When considering quality, it’s important to check the stitching of the garment. You’ll know it’s good quality when the stitches are even, closely spaced and holding the garment together well.  Check it’s sturdiness by pulling on either side of the seam- check this on the inside of the garment too. Make sure there are no gaps when doing this and that the stitching is flat on both sides. If the garment has buttons, make sure they’re also sturdy and properly sewed on by gently tugging on them.

  • It comes with spares

Clothing that comes with a spare button or spare thread is a clear indication that the fabric is of good quality and it will probably only need minor repairs. Designers wouldn’t consider adding these spares otherwise. If it was low-quality, they’ll let you invest in the spare pieces instead when it needs repairing and you most likely won’t even find the button/s you’ll need. 

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How To Whiten Your White Clothes Naturally

How do you keep your white clothes just as white as you bought it? Easy, read the how to keep your whites, white guide.

The real question is, how can you naturally whiten your white clothes if they’re already looking a little dull? Chlorine bleach is a quick solution to whitening your white clothes but it also comes with irritation and toxins.

So, say goodbye to the bleach and say hello to whiter and brighter clothes with these natural whitening methods.

How To Whiten Your White Clothes Naturally

  • Baking Soda

Add 1/2 a cup of baking soda into your washer along with your clothes and laundry detergent, then wash as normal. 

Use baking soda to pre-treat stains before laundering as usual: add 4 tablespoons of baking soda to a cup of water to create a paste. Then use the mixture to scrub directly onto the stain and let sit for up to 10 mins.

Baking soda will help to whiten your white clothes and get rid of stains!


  • Distilled white Vinegar

Add 1/2-1 cup of vinegar into your washer along with your clothes and laundry detergent, then launder as normal.  If you’re worried about the smell, don’t, as the smell will disappear after drying.

Vinegar is great for treating invisible and spot stains. Spray vinegar on the underarm area of the garment and directly on the stained spot. You can also rub vinegar directly on the spot stain and let it sit for an hour before wishing as normal.


  • Borax

Add 1/2 a cup of Borax into your washer along with your clothes and laundry detergent, then wash as normal. Borax is a natural mineral which helps keep your laundry clean from residue, thus brightening and whitening your clothes. It also deodorises and removes stains.


  • Lemon

Add 1/4-1/2 a cup of lemon juice into your washer along with your clothes and laundry detergent, then launder as normal. 

For a stronger whitening method, fill a large pot with water and lemon slices from 1-2 lemons and boil. Turn off heat, add items and leave to soak for an hour. Then wash as normal.

This will help brighten and get rid of stains!

photo of sliced lemons on white plate

  • Hydrogen peroxide

Add 1/2 a cup of hydrogen peroxide into your washer along with your clothes and laundry detergent, then launder as normal. Hydrogen peroxide whitens and brightens clothes, disinfects and removes stains.


  • Sunlight

Finally, whenever you possibly can, air dry your clothes in full exposure to the sun. The suns UV rays help to brighten up your whites, remove odour and leave them smelling fresh.



On a different note, if you’ve been paying much attention to reading this blog, you’ll realise that these methods also help to remove stains! (Makes sense though doesn’t it?) So you can use these methods on coloured clothes too to get rid of spot stains. 

For lazy days, you can schedule a laundry collection service with us and we’ll get those white clothes shining for you! Better yet, we can remove the stains too!

clothes storage

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10 Clothes Storage Hacks

Oh no! Running out of space in your closet to store your clothes? Can’t invest in a walk-in wardrobe yet? Not to worry, with these 10 simple clothes storage hacks, you’ll be able to maximise every storage space you have.

  1. Add dividers to drawers: Maximise and organise drawer space by putting in dividers to separate items by your personal preference.                                                    
  2. Use chains or soft drink can tops: Attach chains or soft drink tops to the top of the hanger to be able to triple your hanging space.                        
  3. Use shower ring hooks: Another great way to save and maximise hanging space is to use shower ring hooks. Clip these hooks onto trouser hangers to keep scarfs, tank tops, vests, anything with straps or anything that dangles, tidy.
  4. Have a clothes rod: If you already have a wardrobe with a built in clothes rod, why not install another one underneath? (If you have plenty of room that is!) Or install a clothes rod if your wardrobe doesn’t have one. Again, it helps in saving space by hanging up your clothes!
  5. Invest in a clothes rail: If there is no room in your wardrobe to put a clothes rod, then get yourself a clothes rail! Clothes rails come in a range of sizes so you can pick what’s best suited for your room size. You can also DIY 🙂                                                  clothes rail storage                                                    
  6. Storage under bed: A great way to keep things looking tidy and out of sight is to store items in a storage compartment underneath your bed! Invest in storage boxes that are made to fit underneath the bed or if you’re looking to buy a bed, buy one with built in storage.                                                                                                                      clothes storage 
  7. Use shelves: Shelves are a great option to store and show off items such as shoes, bags, hats and folded clothes etc.  Tip: Use a big book shelf or floating shelves for a chic look.           
  8. Use baskets: Store items such as PJ’s, sportswear and more, to keep space tidy and free of clutter. Put them on top of your wardrobe, in the corner of a room and even on a shelf.                                                                                                                                        clothes storage 
  9. Say bye to old stuff: Clear out your unwanted or unused clothes because they are taking up way too much of the space that you need. Rummage through your closet and get rid of clothes you don’t want any more and clothes you haven’t used in 6 months- because why would you wear it now if you haven’t already in the last 6 months?
  10. Hanging organisers: Basically any organiser that hangs on to something. Whether it be a rack to put behind your door, on a wall, from the ceiling, these are great space usage.

clothes storage

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