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fabric softener

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Don’t Use Fabric Softener On These Items!

Fabric softener (or fabric conditioner) is formulated to keep your clothes feeling soft and smelling fresh when it comes out of the wash. It helps fabric fibres remain smooth and maintain elasticity, making them prone to wear and tear.

Despite the benefits fabric conditioner has on our clothes, it should not be used on all of out items!

Let’s take a look at which ones:

Gym Clothes

Many types of workout clothes or gym wear are specifically designed to absorb our sweat and keep us dry when we exercise. Applying fabric softener will only coat the fabric which will lock in sweat and keep it from drying, preventing the fabric fibres from doing its job.


Swim suits are made with fabrics that are designed to absorb very little water (make sense), which means they can dry quicker. Fabric softener works to lock in moisture, meaning if it was to be applied to swimwear, it will strip away it’s ‘quick drying’ properties and lead to odour and promote mold growth. 


Everyone loves soft, fluffy towels! And they can always remain that way by skipping the fabric softener in the wash. Towels are made of microfiber, which is why they’re able to absorb and lock in moisture, dust and dirt. Adding fabric softener exposes the towel to waxy residue, causing it to reduce it’s absorbency qualities. 

Water Resistant Fabric

You wear a rain coat to prevent yourself from getting wet, correct? Well, how would you like it if the raincoat was stripped of it’s water repellent abilities and you just end up getting drenched? Then it would be a useless coat. Water resistant clothes mixed with softener will impact it’s ability to repel the water.

Flame Resistant Fabric

Most baby/infant clothes, sleepwear specifically, are made to be fire resistant due to safety reasons of course. If fabric conditioner is applied to such items, it will have a negative impact as it reduces it’s fire-resistant properties.