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Guide on Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are increasing with demand in the laundry industry. With their benefits and multiple uses, it’s not surprising they’re catching the attention of consumers. But what are dryer sheets and how do they work? Here is your guide on dryer sheets!

Guide on Dryer Sheets
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What Are Dryer Sheets and What Are They Used For?

Dryer sheets are thin liquid softeners made of polyester fabric. Generally, they are used to reduce static electricity. You may have come across a situation where your clothes (typically socks and sweaters) are almost glued together and are too stubborn to be kept apart. With the advancement of dryer sheets, this problem is no more because dryer sheets are there to balance the electrons and prevent static.

This guide on dryer sheets wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention other uses because you can also use them for cleaning and scrubbing due to the fragrance chemicals in them.

Furthermore, they can also be useful against pests. If you leave a dryer sheet somewhere in the house or garden, pests like mice and rats will avoid the area due to the scent of the dryer sheets.

What Are Dryer Sheets Made Of?

This varies. While a good majority of dryer sheets are made of small pieces of non-woven polyester, others are made up of natural and cellulose fibres. One of the best things about dryer sheets is that there is something for everyone. If you prefer natural fragrances to add a luxurious scent to your clothes, you can buy dryer sheets that has them. If you don’t, you can buy plain dryer sheets with no scent. 

Guide on Dryer Sheets
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How Do I Use Dryer Sheets?

To use dryer sheets, put your clothes in the dryer first. Afterwards, simply put a new dryer sheet on top of your clothes and then start the cycle. If you are drying a large pile of clothes, it is recommended to use two sheets but be cautious; don’t overload as this makes dryer sheets ineffective. After the cycle has finished, take the used dryer sheet out of the dryer.

We hope you consider this guide on dryer sheets. Much like wool dryer balls, they are a great product to use when drying your clothes.

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7 Clever Ways To Use Dryer Sheets

Use Laundryheap for your dirty laundry and put those extra dryer sheets to good use! Read on if you want to know about these alternative uses for dryer sheets.


  • Remove burnt food particles stuck to a pan: Place a dryer sheet at the bottom of a burnt pan. Fill it up with water and let it soak overnight. Cleaning it in the morning will require considerably reduced effort!
  • Hair remover for pets: Use fresh dryer sheets to gently rub and remove un-shed hair from your pet.
  • Static remover: Rub a dryer sheet through the bristles of your comb or hairbrush before brushing for static-free hair! Similarly, you can also use the sheets to rub the inside of your hat in winter to avoid static in your hair when the hat is removed.
  • Sharpen your old scissors: Wipe the scissor blades with a used dryer sheet to sharpen the edges again.
  • Soap scum remover: Wet used dryer sheets, with a few drops of water, and use it to rub off the accumulated soap scum effortlessly.
  • Garbage bin liner: Line your garbage bins with dryer sheets to avoid stinks and leaks. The sheets absorb foul odours and help in keeping the bin cleaner.
  • Cleaner for window blinds: Clean your window blinds with dryer sheets to repel dust and dirt particles for a longer time.

So, let us take care of your tedious laundry chores while you re-purpose your dryer sheets. Book here for free collection today and delivery of fresh clothes tomorrow.