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Technology Takeover: The End Of Laundry Chores?

Have you noticed? Technology is slowly taking over household chores and you know what that means… more ‘me’ time. After a busy day, home maintenance is the last thing we want to think about especially Laundry. Luckily for us, we’ve reached an era where AI (Artificial Intelligence) can take on daunting household chores.

From technological advancements of mini robots cleaning mess on your floor, giant machines that fold your clothes to advanced laundry pickup and collection services. We’re definitely well on our way to receiving the break we need.

Let’s take a look in to how technology has significantly developed how we do our laundry.

Standard technology

Washing Machine: Washing clothes is a chore that’s been done for centuries. From washing clothes in rivers by hand to the invention of the washboard in the 1700’s. The first actual ‘washing machine’ started and developed in the late 1800’s and has, since then, been continuously developed into the washing machines that you see today. 


Tumble Dryer: Before the tumble dryer was invented, the first actual clothes ‘dryer’ was a clothes line. Then came the invention of drying clothes in a metal drum and placed over an open fire. It wasn’t until the 1800’s, where a hand tumble dryer was invented and the start of developing electronic tumble dryers began n the 1900’s. Since then, the use of new technology was able to put the tumble dryer in our homes.

Industrial washing machines for cleaning clothes

Dishwasher: The mechanical dishwasher was invented in the mid 1800’s, which was a wooden barrel that needed to be hand cranked whilst water was sprayed onto it. With development overtime,  the first domestic motor powered dishwasher was introduced in the early 1900’s that incorporated design elements in dishwashers today.

Open dishwasher with clean utensils in it

Okay, so this is the exciting part, the more advanced. Check it out…

AI Technology

Laundroid: I see and read everywhere that folding clothes is a chore that is pushed to the side for like days, if not weeks! With this technology, you no longer have to think about folding your clothes. Why? Because AI can do it for you! All you have to do is put your clothes in the drawer and let the folding be done for you. See below for video preview by CNET on how it works:

Foldimate: This is quite similar to Laundroid with the aim of having your clothes folded for you. This machine is smaller and compact and instead of dumping your clothes in a drawer, you have to clip it in. Watch the video below by Foldimate and you’ll see what I mean:

Swash: Okay, say you’ve only worn a piece of clothing twice after washing but it smells unpleasant or it’s just soo wrinkly. Put it into the SWASH machine, 10 minutes later, bam! Good as new. This technology is designed to de-wrinkle, remove odours, restore original shape and preserve it’s ‘life’. Not quite washing your clothes but good for just a refresh for those ‘in-between’ clothes. Watch the video by Swash official below on how it works:

Effie: This domestic appliance can iron, steam and dry your clothes for you, 12 items at a time! Simply hang all your garments on the rail with the provided hanger and with the press of button, your clothes will be dried and de-wrinkled, ready for you to wear within 3 minutes. Clothing items that can be ironed include: Polo shirts, t-shirts, trousers, skirts, bedding and tops.

Final thoughts

Yes, technology is advancing in ways we couldn’t imagine, but they will always come with a few downfalls as they’re not 100% the perfect solution yet and they require a big investment! Whilst AI still continues to develop, Laundryheap remains the perfect solution for your laundry chore takeover! We’re cheap and come with human interaction at least. 

What are your thoughts about technology taking over chores?

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If you happen to travel continuously, doing the laundry is certainly a necessity as you may spend a tremendous amount of time outdoors on adventure activities, sightseeing, hiking, or shopping etc. For shorter holidays people tend to pack just what is necessary or things that we can mix and match most of the time.

Here are some tips to help with your laundry on the go.

Hotels: Some hotels offer in-house laundry services. Depending on the type of hotel you’re staying at e.g. big chains, serviced apartments, B&B etc. you may have access to laundry services or facilities. However, their rates may be sky-high which might not be your cup of tea. Moreover, if you’re someone who’s concerned about their clothes being mixed with others’ clothes this might not be ideal for you, as there is no guarantee it won’t be the case.



Laundromats: There are laundromats available locally in most countries and cities. They charge a flat rate either per load capacity, type of item, or desired service. Although Laundromats seem like an easy deal and self-explanatory, you still do need to be somewhat familiar with at least your clothing’s instructions. It is also advisable to scout around for the best service available in order to prevent inconvenience.



Do it yourself: There are shops and outlets where you can get buy detergents. If your items are small and easy to do, you can even wash them in your accommodation bathroom sink. As long as you have the necessary items required. Making the most of what is available to you saves you money.



Laundryheap: What’s better than having someone else do your dirty laundry for you? It’s a dream come true right? Laundry chores can be a real pain especially when they pile up. The good thing is Laundryheap provides on-demand laundry and dry cleaning services with delivery within 24 hours right to your doorstep. You can book our service from wherever you are, including hotels. For your booking purposes all you need is a smartphone and voila you’re good to go! Even better you can download our free app on IOS and Android from the app store.

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How to look presentable at all times

Trying to find the fine line between prioritising life goals and keeping up to date with new trends and styles seems like a constant battle. To top it all, looking your best becomes a burden as there’s less time to plan your daily schedule.

Here are a few tips on how to look presentable at all times.

  1. FIND A STYLE THAT COMPLIMENTS YOUR BODY: This might seem irrelevant but believe you me when I say that knowing your body type and marking your style can be the first and best step to looking fabulously chic and classy. By doing so you know what you want to invest in. Hence you don’t have to spend a fortune on clothes that end up sitting in your wardrobe gathering dust just because you initially thought it was on the sale rack so it’s a good bargain.IMG_2002
  2. IRON: Wait what? Yes I know, the word itself seems like a party pooper but trust me when I say it is totally worth it. It is necessary to iron your clothes to prevent creases, and ironing contributes immensely to your physical appearance because it makes you look presentable and more put together.78654130

    If you’re someone who is instantaneously put off by ironing, then one good thing to keep in mind while shopping is to go for wrinkle-free clothing to save you the headache of ironing.

    Fabrics such as wool, lyocell polyester, and cashmere, can mostly resist wrinkles by far than fabrics like rayon, cotton, and silk. Well-sorted clothing can also slash seconds off the time you spend on outfit prep.


  3. AIR DRY YOUR CLOTHES BEFORE STORING: After you take off your clothes like jackets/coats, shoes, and suits, air dry for couple of minutes before you put them away. This will prevent damp smells, fabric pilling and will help avoid creasing.


  4. INVEST IN A GOOD WARDROBE / STORAGE: Putting your clothes away requires appropriate storage not only to help you keep things perfectly organised, but also to help prevent your clothes from getting creased or ruined.


    As most of us know, we use the “CHAIR” as the most reliable storage option, just after finishing the laundry. Rather than sorting out the freshly laundered clothes, we just pile them on there to the point where the chair gives up on us.

    To avoid that, just put things back in their allocated place so you don’t have worry about ironing when you want to use a specific outfit, especially on an urgent errand.


  5. USE LAUNDRYHEAP: The easiest tip of the lot is to use Laundryheap for chores like laundry, ironing and sorting. Then all you have to focus on is your style.

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With the chaos of getting things done and having to look after the little munchkins, it’s almost impossible to not get overwhelmed by chores, especially the never-ending story of doing laundry.

Here are a few laundry tips to help you save time.

  • PRE-SORTING THE LAUNDRY: Let’s face it, laundry is a chore that is time-consuming. A good idea is to have different baskets for different fabrics, colours, and the condition of laundry. Not only is it time-efficient when the need arises to do the laundry, it also prevents mistakes and having to deal with the possibility of colours bleeding onto another fabric and ruining your clothes.




  • HANG ACCORDINGLY:If you despise ironing, one practical trick to consider is to hang your laundry once out of the machine to prevent extreme creasing. Moreover, if you’re dealing with washed and dried clothes, it’s best to put away on hangers and if possible colour coordinate hangers for specific clothes. Not only does this give your wardrobe a very refined and colourful look, it also creates space and helps differentiate your clothes for different purposes. Nothing is worse than having to ransack your closet for one specific outfit on a busy day.




  • HAVE OTHERS CHIP IN: There’s nothing wrong with you asking for a helping hand. Your children can do simple things like allocating their dirty clothes to the right laundry basket or sorting and folding after themselves. In addition, that gives you an opportunity to focus on other pressing chores around the house.




  • SET SPECIFIC DAYS: To avoid the laundry from overflowing, try to wash the clothes that are used the most; that way you don’t get intimidated or overwhelmed by your laundry. Set specific days for different types of laundry, for example, Wednesdays for coloured fabrics and Sundays for bedding, towels, rugs etc.


  • MULTI-TASK: While waiting on the laundry in the washer, you can either put the other batch in the dryer or try to invest your time in doing the ironing. It helps immensely with your productivity as well as decreases your chances of procrastination.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 16.06.46.png

If you’re still uncertain or don’t have time to do the laundry, you can schedule your laundry with us and we’ll gladly sort it out for you.