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How To Wash Dog Bedding

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Your dog’s bed is a cherished haven, but let’s face it – it can get messy. Washing it might seem like a task, but fear not! In this detailed guide, we’ll walk you through each step on how to properly wash dog bedding!

1. Gather The Essentials

Before starting, gather what you need;

  • pet-friendly laundry detergent
  • a vacuum cleaner
  • your dog’s bedding.

2. Shake Off Loose Debris

Before placing your dog’s bedding in the washing machine, make it a practice to carry it outdoors for a good shake. While it may appear to be a minor action, this step holds significant importance in initiating a thorough cleaning process. When you shake the bedding outdoors, you’re efficiently eliminating any loose dirt, debris, or fur that could have gathered.

3. Vacuum The Bedding

After shaking your dog’s bedding outside to remove loose dirt and fur, using a vacuum cleaner on the surface is crucial to ensure a really good clean. This helps get rid of any leftover hair or dirt that might stick to the fabric. The vacuum cleaner, with the right attachments, helps clean the bedding thoroughly, making sure it’s ready for washing. This two-step process is important because it keeps unwanted stuff out of the washing machine, making your dog’s bedding nice and clean for them to enjoy after the wash.

4. Inspect If There Are Stains

Check your dog’s bedding for any stains. If you see spots, a pet-friendly stain remover works well to tackle them. Simply follow the instructions on the product. This quick inspection and spot treatment ensure that any visible stains are addressed before washing, leaving the bedding looking and smelling fresh after the cleaning process.

5. Choose The Correct Settings

Before you proceed to put the dog bedding into the washing machine, remember to follow the golden rule of laundry; read the care label to learn how to wash dog bedding correctly and what correct settings to use.

Generally, a gentle cycle with cold or lukewarm water does the trick. This helps to keep things comfortable for your dog. Following the instructions on the label ensures the bedding will be kept cozy and clean for your furry friend.

6. Use Pet-Safe Detergent

When it’s time to add soap, use a pet-friendly laundry detergent. These detergents keep the bedding smelling fresh. They also make sure the bedding remains clean and inviting for your dog!

7. Dry With Care

After the washing cycle finishes, take a moment to revisit the care label on the bedding. If it says that it’s safe for tumble dryer usage, go ahead and place it in the dryer using a low-heat setting. However, if the care label advises against machine drying, air-dry the dog bedding instead to maintain the shape of the bedding.

Regular washing is the key to maintaining a fresh and cozy haven for your dog. Beyond just preventing odours, it’s about creating a clean and comfortable space that benefits both you and your beloved companion. So whenever you think it’s time to wash dog bedding, follow our guide!

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