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How To Wash A Sleeping Bag

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Whether you use a sleeping bag for camping, trekking, festivals or caravan trips, over time, your sleeping bag will become dirty and start to smell. Therefore, it is essential that you clean your sleeping bag after every use. Here are some tips on how to properly wash a sleeping bag.

Machine Washing A Sleeping Bag

Most sleeping bags are machine washable but to prevent any damages to it, check the care label first to ensure that it’s suitable to be machine washed.

  • Make sure zippers and Velcro tabs are fastened before putting them into the wash.
  • Machine wash on a cool delicate cycle with a mild detergent. For down sleeping bags, use a detergent especially for the material or Nikwax down wash.
  • Do not add fabric softener or bleach as it can damage the fibres of your sleeping bag.
  • After the wash has finished, run it through a rinse cycle to remove any soapy residue.

Never get your sleeping bag dry cleaned as it can ruin the material, especially for down sleeping bags. It is best to wash your sleeping bag in a front-loading machine. If you do not have one or can’t fit your sleeping bag in your front-loading machine, use a laundry service.

Hand Washing A Sleeping Bag

Hand wash your sleeping bag if it is not machine washable. Ensure that all zippers and Velcros are fastened and wash inside out if it has a waterproof lining.

  • Fill up your bath tub with warm water and add the appropriate detergent. Stir until the soap fully dissolves in the water.
  • Place your sleeping bag into your bath tub and use your hands to gently scrub sections of the sleeping bag together. Leave it to soak for 30 mins to 1 hour.
  • Drain the tub completely and refill again with water to rinse out soap. Repeat until soap is full removed.
  • Roll the sleeping bag to remove excess water.

Never wring or twist your sleeping as it may ruin the filing inside.

Drying A Sleeping Bag

Air drying:

  • Lay your sleeping bag to dry on a flat surface.
  • Hang your sleeping bag up to dry on a clothes line.

Machine drying:

  • Dry on a low heat setting. Add some towels to reduce drying time and (clean) tennis balls to prevent any clumps in the filing.

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