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How To Test Clothes For Colourfastness

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It’s a well-known procedure to separate your clothes when doing the laundry, as this not only cleans clothes properly, but avoids the fabric dyes from ‘bleeding’ onto other clothing.

To take extra precaution when washing clothes, it’s best to test your clothes for colour fastness. If it is colourfast, then the dye will NOT run or fade onto other fabrics.

 But, how can you tell if your clothes are colourfast? 

How To Test Clothes For Colourfastness

  1. Wet a corner of the fabric
  2. Let it soak into the fabric for a few mins 
  3. Wipe with a white cloth or paper towel

If your item of clothing is colourfast, then you can proceed to your usual way of washing. However, there are specific instructions you need to know when washing non-colourfast items.

How To wash Non-Colourfast Clothing

  1. Wash item/s inside out to reduce colour fading.
  2. Wash in a cool temperature (30° max) as dye is more likely to run in warmer temperatures.
  3. Hand wash on it’s or with similar colours.

If you’re worried about having to wash non-colour fast clothes, you can book a collection with Laundryheap and we’ll take care of it for you.

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