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How To Pack Your Suitcase Like A Pro

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Travelling is a luxury, until you have to pack your suitcase and you’re left sitting there, procrastinating. Many of us even leave it to the last hour to officially finish packing!

The most common way to pack is to fold your clothes and just stack them on top of each other in your suitcase. This is fine… if you’re going away for the weekend. However, going away for over a week will cause us to struggle to figure out how we’re going to make everything fit (this is where the procrastination comes in).

Whether you’re away for just a week or a month, there is always a way to maximise the space you have in your suitcase. You just gotta think smart about it.

Here are the BEST ways to pack your suitcase like a pro:

1. Rolling Clothes

Rolling clothes is a method that you can already visually imagine will create so much space as it makes your clothes more compact. It’s just a matter of how you’ll place it in your suitcase and how you’ll organise your things when you get to your destination. Rolling clothes creates wrinkle free clothing, if you know how to do it properly. Check out the video guide below posted by ‘Go Experimental’ on different ways to roll clothes.

2. Filing Method

The filing method is basically normal folded clothes but when stacked together, it’s done in a vertical direction, like a document filling system but for clothes. This is a great organisation method for clothes drawers as well as packing for your suitcase. Check out the ‘KonMari’ filing method here.

The great thing about this method is, you can squeeze in as much garments as you can AND you’ll be able to see the clothing pieces straight away.  It also allows you to squeeze in bits and pieces on the sides.

3. Bundle Packing

Packing in bundles means folding your clothes within each other to create one big bundle. It’s a little difficult to explain through words how this works, so here’s a video guide by NBC news on how its done.

4. Compression Packs

Compression packs are a great investment for bulkier items like jackets or thick jumpers. Just place your item/s in a pack and squeeze out the air with full force. This transforms big items into a more compact ones. You can also buy vacuum packs that work the same way.

5. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes don’t just save space, they create more of it. They’re basically little cube storage compartments that keep your clothes organised in your suitcase. These cubes let you pack in however method you like, because there are loads of these little cubes to fit into your suitcase. So if you want to roll or bundle your clothes, you can. You can also separate clothes by preference. Check out the video method below by ‘ebagsdotcom’.

6.  Pack ONLY things you need

Most importantly, pack only the things you NEED! Yes you may have some cute outfits you want to show off but you probably won’t wear all of them. If it helps, take out all of the clothes you want to bring and take away 1/3 of them or how much necessary, to make it fit in your suitcase. 

So check the weather, choose the right clothes and remember, you need to leave some space for souvenirs!

Unfortunately, we can’t pack your suitcase for you, but what we can do is take care of your dirty laundry when you get back! Laundry? Dry cleaning? Fold or iron? Just book a collection with us and find the right service for you.

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