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How To Clean Your Washing Machine


Is it just me or isn’t it quite ironic that you have to clean a machine that’s made for cleaning? Well, yep, it’s vital to maintain the cleanliness of your washing machine to: 1) clean your clothes properly, and 2) preserve its cleaning life.

So, just how can you banish that awful smell and disgusting mould? Let’s find out:

  • Manual instructions: Be on the safe side and read the manual for instructions on how to clean your washing machine, as some manufacturers may not allow you to use products or cleansers in your machine.

  • Maintenance wash: In more simpler terms, clean the drum! Let your machine self clean by putting it through a hot temperature cycle (without clothes, of course) at least once a month, with a cup of vinegar thrown into the drum to help it sanitise.

  • Let it breathe: Leave the door of the washing machine open every so often to let the air circulate in the drum and prevent bacteria from growing. I would also recommend you do the same for the detergent drawer- you can never be too careful when it comes to cleanliness.

washing machine

  • Wash out the detergent drawer: Simply remove the detergent drawer and give it a good sponge clean! Scrub away any detergent residue that has been built up. Give it a thorough rinse and let it dry before putting back into the machine.

  • Wipe the rubber: Give the rubber door seal a good clean with a damp cloth on a regular basis, being sure to completely clean out any hidden residue.

  • Clean the filter: The filter is the one that collects debris in order to protect the washing machine pump from blocking. If that doesn’t sound germ ridden to you, then I don’t know what does. So, what must you do? Empty it regularly to remove the dirt that has been gathered. The filter can be found at the bottom corner of the washing machine behind the removable plate/tab.

Oh and one more thing, you can leave your laundry to Laundryheap whilst you clean your washing machine.

10 thoughts on “How To Clean Your Washing Machine

  1. The part about cleaning the detergent drawer caught my attention. You mentioned scrubbing away and detergent residue that built up. We never did this to our washer. There’s now a crystallization of some sort in the detergent drawer that I think only a professional can remove.

  2. Awesome post. The cleaning tips are very helpful. Thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks to the great post. The washing machine Maintenance is very important one in our routine life. in this article you explain the details are very useful.

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  5. Nice Article! Many of us forget to clean the filter of the washing machine. Most of the unwanted dirt gets accumulates in the filter. Good that you mentioned it in your blog.

  6. I am glad you mentioned that the easiest was to maintain your dryer is to keep lint trap or filter clear. Our dryer recently had to be repaired because of this issue. Thank you for the tips on the washer and dryer maintenance.

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  9. Thank you, Angelica for this short article on clean an washing machine.

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