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Dealing With Common Restaurant Stains

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In the world of restaurants, perfectionism is crucial to the customer experience. In the midst of preparing a meal and delivering a great customer service, there is a common challenge all restaurant managers and staff face; stubborn stains. Typically, working in a restaurant means you’ll see a variety of different stains and some are more stubborn than others. Seeing these stains is frustrating and they can threaten to ruin the visual appeal of your table linen and aprons. But worry not because in this blog, we will list the most common restaurant stains and the solution.

well organised table linen with cutlery

1. Red Wine Stains

Drinking a glass of red wine at a restaurant is great but the worst thing about red wine is the mess it leaves on your table linen after a spillage! It is one of the most common restaurant stains but thankfully, it is not difficult to tackle.

common restaurant stains - red wine spill

2. Grease and Oil Stains

Dishes like fried food, salad dressings and buttery sauces are delicious but they are prone to leave grease and oil stains on your table linen. These stains are so common that they can happen in different ways; spillage, stains accumulating when customers wipe their mouths using the tablecloth, small grease particles landing on nearby table linen etc.

It’s fair to say grease and oil stains are common in restaurants and they can be challenging to remove if staff don’t notice them quickly.

common restaurant stains - oil and grease on white shirt

3. Tomato Sauce Stains

Given the popularity of pizza and pasta, it’s no surprise that tomato sauce stains are common. The stains can be problematic because of it’s vivid red colour but acting quick and blotting the stain as soon as possible will preserve the quality and cleanliness of your table linen.

At times, the tomato sauce will be on your chef’s cooking apron. While common and not too challenging to remove, it is still recommended to act quickly whenever you spot the stain!

common restaurant stains - tomato sauce

4. Coffee and Tea Stains

Coffee and tea stains are known for their deep, dark colours which make them stubborn to remove if they settle on the fabric. Like with other stains, coffee and tea stains can spill on table linen, aprons, carpets etc. We highly recommend you act fast and train your staff to remove these stains because if not treated correctly, they will be noticeable.

common restaurant stains - coffee spillage

5. Dessert Stains

Desserts are a treat but dessert stains aren’t. Ice creams, syrups and chocolate are creamy and prone to spilling and dripping. Once they land on your table linen, they usually leave a sticky mess and it’s not a good sight to look at.

common restaurant stains - dessert spills

Book a Commercial Service

These common restaurant stains are part and parcel of the restaurant industry. They won’t go away. However, to save time and costs and to guarantee quality cleaning, why not choose a laundry service to take care of your table linen?

Getting rid of stains requires attention to detail and the correct removal methods. With our professional laundry team, we will make sure your table linen maintains its visual appeal and its cleanliness.

Keeping your restaurant table linen in impeccable condition will enhance the overall dining experience of your guests and they will have a lasting impression!

Book a service with us today so you can customers can say cheers to a stain-free dining experience!

laundry delivery service for restaurant

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  1. Your blog is like a culinary journey, and I’ve enjoyed every destination you’ve taken us to. The way you describe the ambiance and the dishes makes me feel like I’m there.

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