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Commonly Asked Questions About Laundry

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We all know how to do the laundry, but sometimes certain things come up in the process that we are unsure of like how to remove a tough stain or why our clothes aren’t as bright as they used to be. Here are some commonly asked questions about laundry.

Should you wash white clothes separately?

Yes. If you want your white clothes to stay white, you must separate them from the coloured clothes as the dye can transfer onto the whites.

Should you wash new clothes before wearing them?

Yes, you should. Newly bought clothes are full of preservation chemicals and dyes as well as ‘invisible’ bacteria. While it isn’t much of an alarming issue, it’s best to be on the safe side. Read more about why you need to wash new clothes before wearing them.

What causes yellow stains on white clothes?

Yellow stains are formed from a mixture of perspiration and aluminium elements such as those that be found in deodorant. It is also due to invisible stains that aren’t pre-treated before washing.

How do you get white clothes white again?

Other than bleach, there are many natural ways to get your white clothes looking white again. Some of which include using baking soda, white vinegar or borax into your washer. Read more on how to whiten your white clothes naturally.

What are ‘delicates’ in laundry?

Delicate clothes are the ones that need extra care as they can be easily damaged. Such items include lingerie, silk, lace and chiffon.

Why do my clothes smell bad after washing?

There are several causes for your clothes to smell bad, such as:

  • Your washing machine needs cleaning.
  • You use too much detergent or you don’t use enough.
  • You don’t take clothes out straight away after cycle has finished.

If you experience this problem, check out how to remove damp smell from clothes.

What is colours bleeding and how do you fix it?

Colour bleeding is when the fabric dye leaches out when it gets wet. To prevent colours from bleeding, you can use colour catching sheets or add a cup of salt or white vinegar into the wash. You should also wash on a cold cycle.

How do you wash colours without fading?

Wash clothes inside out and on a cool temperature (30°c) and don’t over wash them. Also, don’t expose them directly to the sunlight as this will ‘bleach’ the fabric dye causing it t appear lighter.

Can you machine wash ‘dry cleaning only’ clothes?

No. If your clothes are labelled as ‘dry-clean only, it means its too delicate to be exposed to water and agitation. If you don’t want your clothes damaged, it’s always best to follow the instructions on the care label.

How do you remove old stains?

There are many stain removal products that will work to remove set-in stains but if you want a home-made stain remover, you can use white vinegar, liquid detergent or Baking soda. Read more about natural stain removers.


If you have a laundry questions that isn’t on here, feel free to ask it in the comments section and we’ll try to answer them for you.

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