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Checklist To Make Your Hotel Guests Feel Special


The ideal hotel guest deserves the best rest. When they check in to your hotel, it’s important to make your guests feel special by providing top-notch service.

Your hotel guests are paying money to stay so they deserve a goodnight’s sleep. After all, they could be back from a business meeting or just want to get some rest after a day of touring the area.

Here is our checklist to make your hotel guests feel special

1. Happy Staff, Happy Guests

A great, welcoming hotel service starts from the top; if your staff are happy, your guests will be happy as positive energy spreads through the entire place.

Greeting your guests with a smile, starting small talk, offering to help them with their bags, offering them drinks etc. are all the secrets to making your guests feel special. Your guests could be jetlagged and making them feel welcomed will take their minds off their long flight.

Staff smiling

2. Offer Complimentary Services

Your hotel guests need to be treated like royalty. Offering complimentary services goes a long way because the actual room service is where your guests will judge your hotel on. Adding instant coffees, water, biscuits, toiletries (shampoos) and free WIFI in their room makes the hotel guests feel special.

If you want to learn more about your hotel guests’ needs. it always helps if you send out an email survey to find out your guests’ preferences.   

Offer coffee to make hotel guests feel special

3. Offer Your Guests an on-Demand Laundry Service

When you’re travelling to a new city or country, it is common that our clothes get dirty. If you’re travelling with family, the kids’ clothes may need cleaning or if you’re on a business trip, you may have a minor coffee stain on your suit.

The solution to these problems is to offer your hotel guests a laundry service, like Laundryheap, to make them feel more relaxed. Laundryheap will collect your hotel guests’ laundry, clean them to high standards, and deliver them back to your hotel within 24 hours!

It will make your hotel guests feel special as they can focus on enjoying the rest of their trip without worrying about doing their laundry chores!

In addition, a laundry service saves your hotel a lot of time, money, and resources.

Laundry service to make hotel guests feel special

4. Build a Relationship Through Email

Your hotel staff and hotel service may have been excellent to your guests, but you want to continue the momentum through email.  Building a relationship with your hotel guest makes them feel valued and appreciated.

After they’ve checked out, send thoughtful emails; thanking them for their stay, offering them new deals and asking them for feedback to make their next stay better. To make your hotel guests feel special, send them personalised emails wishing them a Happy Birthday!

Creating a company culture where your hotel guests feel valued builds credibility and trust. They will share their experiences with their friends. If your hotel follows this list, your hotel guests will return!

Make your hotel guests feel special by thanking them

If you are a hotel owner, book Laundryheap as your main laundry service partner. We’ll help make your hotel guests’ stay extra memorable by doing their laundry for them!

Visit our website to book a laundry service or download the free Laundryheap app on iOS or Android!

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