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Does your Zodiac sign match your laundry habits?

Do you love to do laundry every week? Or are you more of a, leave your dirty clothes in a heap until they HAVE to be cleaned, kind of person? Regardless, your laundry habits could be a result of your Zodiac sign. Find your sign and let us know how accurate we were.

  • Aquarius- the eco-washer 
  • Pisces- the generous washer 
  • Aries- the impatient washer 
  • Taurus- the resilient washer
  • Gemini- the sneaky washer 
  • Cancer- the loyal washer
  • Leo- the dominant washer 
  • Virgo- the strict washer 
  • Libra- the friendly washer 
  • Scorpio- the determined washer 
  • Sagittarius- the lazy washer 
  • Capricorn- the disciplined washer
  • Helping all the signs

Aquarius- the eco washer 

If you’re an Aquarius then you are all about solving the problems of the world. You’re a humanitarian, progressive and intent on saving the world. That’s why when you wash you do it in the most eco-friendly way. Always using the most natural detergents, or making your own, and never buying laundry products that contain single-use plastic. 

Photo by Numerology Sign

Pisces- the generous washer  

This Zodiac sign is compassionate and intuitive, always willing to lend a hand. When it comes to their laundry, they’re the first to dish out the detergent and share their fabric softener. They’re an empathetic individual, always ready to help others in or out of the laundromat. 

Photo by Numerology Sign

Aries- the impatient washer 

Aries are enthusiastic and determined individuals and are always the first to put on their washing. However, this zodiac sign is notorious for being short-tempered and impatient- if their washing can’t be done on a ‘Quick-15’ setting it can lead to tantrums. 

Photo by Numerology Sign

Taurus- the resilient washer 

The complete opposite of the Aries, a Taurus is patient and resilient. A Taurus will always see a task through and will patiently wait for their washing to be done- no matter how long that may take. 

Photo by Numerology Sign

Gemini- the sneaky washer

Gemini’s have a tendency to be restless. They can’t stay still for too long, so washing their clothes proves to be their worst nightmare. Watch out, because their quick-witted and gentle nature makes them very appealing and could lead to them off-loading their dirty laundry on you. 

Photo by Numerology Sign

Cancer- the loyal washer 

Cancer proves to be the most loyal Zodiac sign of them all. After finding a laundry detergent that works for them they will never leave it. They are very pessimistic about new detergents and softeners making their way into the laundry market and would much rather stick to their tried and tested methods. 

Photo by Numerology Sign

Leo- the dominant washer

This fire sign dominates every aspect of their life, including the way they do their laundry. They are natural-born leaders with a knack for organisation, so their laundry is always perfectly timed and completed on schedule. 

Photo by Numerology Sign

Virgo- the strict washer

Virgo’s are analytical, hard-working and practical. They often have a methodical approach to life and they treat their laundry in the same way. Their clothes are washed on a schedule and in the most practical way.

Photo by Numerology Sign

Libra- the friendly washer

The Libra will avoid confrontation at any cost, so if you’re looking for someone to do your washing for you search for a Libra. They are one of the more social zodiac signs, so, if you do ask them to do your washing, make sure you sit and have a chat with them first. 

Photo by Numerology Sign

Scorpio- the determined washer 

Scorpio’s are determined. Any task they set their mind to will be completed, whether it’s a project at work, or getting to the bottom of their laundry heap. 

Photo by Numerology Sign

Sagittarius- the lazy washer 

The Sagittarius is constantly on the move. They love to travel and hate being confined in one space for too long. Undoubtedly, they won’t even begin their washing until they have absolutely nothing left to wear. They are too curious for washing- they want to explore the world, not their laundry basket. 

Photo by Numerology Sign

Capricorn- the disciplined washer 

Capricorns possess a sense of discipline and self-control like none of the other Zodiac signs. Everything in their lives in spotless- especially their laundry. They are excellent managers and take full control over their lives, including their laundry, which is always done to the highest standard. 

Photo by Numerology Sign

Helping all the Zodiac Signs 

Regardless of your Zodiac sign, at Laundryheap we can pick up, launder and deliver your clothes back to you within 24 hours, completely free of charge. Download the Laundryheap app to book your time slot. 

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New Year Advice For Starting Fresh

With the new year fast approaching, many people start to look to January as a time for a change, for a fresh start, and for ways to improve there life. Change can mean different things to different people, depending on how you currently live your life. Whether you require a new work out regime or want to spend more time with the people closest to you this year. Rest assured these pointers will help you get a hold of those dreaded January blues.

  • Let go of last year
  • Be specific about what you want
  • Start getting organised
  • Be nicer to people
  • Get that blood flowing
  • Sleep more
  • No more unnecessary distractions
  • Strengthen relationships that matter to you

Let go of last year

Often people who want to start fresh are held back by the knot of previous failures, involvements, feelings, obstacles. We cannot go for that job because of the last job rejection we got, or we cannot find time to visit our parents because we have too many other commitments.

If you are looking to start fresh this new year, you must get rid of all of this old baggage. A fresh start demands a clean slate. Let go of last year, and start anew in your mind. 

Be specific about what you want

The main reason resolutions fail is because they are non-specific. So many people go into the new year claiming “new year, new me”, with no specific direction as to how they plan to change. Why not try “new year, new strict meditation schedule to abide by”?

Aim to have a quantifiable goal, a date, and a series of checkpoints to complete to get yourself there. If you are serious about achieving your goal in the new year, you need to have a clear plan for how you are going to do it.

Start getting organised

As well as being specific about the main change you want to achieve this year, you must make sure all the other elements of your life are in good order. If you want to increase work productivity or cut down of junk food, then make sure you have the housework schedule organised!  

Having unwanted stresses and disturbances from other areas in your life can be a trigger for abandoning your new routine. Try to make sure you have a handle on other parts of your life to allow you to focus on changing the parts you don’t like.

Be nicer to people

It is no secret that giving to others is one of the best ways a person can feel truly fulfilled. Whether that comes in the form of giving to charity or simply smiling at someone on your morning commute. It will make them feel better, and as a result, you will feel better. No matter where we are, there are no shortages of people, causes or organisations that could benefit from our help and kindness.

Get your blood flowing

This tip applies to people whose main focus is related to their physical health and those who aren’t particularly looking to improve this. Doing regular exercise helps you in all walks of life. Staying active increases the production of endorphins, which help produce positive feelings. These positive feelings will serve you well on your journey to change. 

If physical fitness is top of your new year improvement agenda, then make sure you find a routine that works for you. Once you’ve found that perfect formula, make sure you stick to it! 

Sleep more

It is hard to be productive when you are exhausted. That’s because a good nights sleep is just as important to our health as regular exercise or a healthy diet. The best way to stick to your goals this new year is by getting a good rest at night.

There are a few ways you can ensure you can sleep better, try replacing your pillow, or reducing your blue light exposure in the evenings. We know what your thinking, I have to get off my phone in the evenings, no way! Fear not, if you can’t live without your phone, there are ways to stop blue light without having to go cold turkey. Download apps that block blue light on your smartphone. These are available for both iPhone’s and Android models. 

No more unnecessary distractions

If social media is distracting you, get rid of it. If it’s the television, get rid of it. Even if its the sound of the clock ticking in your study room, get rid of it. 

You will find more time to focus once you have gotten rid of unnecessary distractions. Focus on the thing that matters most. In this case, concentrate on how you are going to improve this year. Feel free to take breaks and indulge in your guilty distractions, but always return to focusing on what’s important.

Strengthen relationships that matter to you 

Sometimes we get lost in the chaos of our own lives and forget to spend time with our loved ones. Having people to connect with helps lower stress levels and gives you someone to confide when you are unsure about your choices.

We know life can get in the way sometimes with stuff like work, kids, and chores to be taken care off. Why not use Laundryheap to help free up some time? We can take care of all your laundry troubles and have your clothes returned to you within 24 hours of us collecting them. 

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Easy Laundry Riddles

Who doesn’t love riddles? They’re pretty entertaining if you ask me and they’re great for filling the awkward silence in a room full of anti-social people.

Here are 5 easy Laundry related riddles that you can test on yourself and then your friends, families and even strangers. 

#1 What can keep spinning but never gets dizzy?

#2  What’s wet inside, dry outside and spins around without moving?

#3 What has a belt but no waist, a drum but no beat and a whole ‘lotta heat?

#4 What needs to get wet for it to get dry?

#5 I take off my clothes when you put on your clothes. I put on my clothes when you take off your clothes. What am I?

Comment your answers!

wash or wear clothes chair

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Flowchart: Should You Wash It Or Wear It?

It’s quite often that we have clothes that’s been worn twice of thrice, which leads us to debate and question whether we should wash it or wear it again.

For most of us, worn clothes are thrown on to ‘the chair’. You know the chair right? The one where you pile up your already worn clothes on it? Yeah that one. 

I admit, I do this sometimes. It happens because we either:

1) Plan to wear it again the next day.

2) Don’t want to mix it with our neatly folded, clean clothes in the wardrobe.

3) Feel too lazy to put it away.

Or, all of the above.

My point is, it’s just a little tricky deciding how many times it’s okay to wear something before we have to put it into the wash again, especially if our clothes don’t smell or look soiled at all.

So, how do you decide if you should wash or wear your clothes again?

Here’s a fun take on how to quickly decide whether to wash or wear your already worn clothes again. 

Wash or Wear flow chart (2)

Should your ‘chair of clothes’ require a good washing and the pile is too huge and you feel lazy, schedule a laundry collection service with us.

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Laundry Diaries – Reasons for Pending Laundry

Day 1

Dear Diary,

The birds are chirping, the sun is smiling in and a gentle breeze is ruffling the dark green leaves. An idyllic morning to wake up to. Oh darn! I almost forgot it’s laundry day! Time for a situation analysis – maybe I can have my cake and eat it too.

Ok, so let’s take stock.

(Rummaging in the closet)

Ha! Found some underwear. I guess the jeans I wore yesterday can last another day. But what do I do about a top? I can’t seem to find anything that is clean. Ummm… (thinking cap on – still rummaging in the closet) Oh wait, this skirt can double up as a tube top! Perfect! Laundry day tomorrow, fun day today!

Off to catch some sun….Ciao!

Day 2

Dear Diary,

Had a smashing day yesterday and am ready to do my laundry today. I’m just going to have my morning coffee and get right down to it.

(30 minutes later – coffee finished, daydreaming mode broken by thoughts of laundry)

I really should do my laundry….or maybe after breakfast. I do have the whole day free so there is plenty of time.

(2 hours later – breakfast is done, binge-watching House of Cards, laundry temporarily forgotten)

(4 hours later – stomach rumbles as I emerge from the captivating drama of British politics) I’m going to grab a quick bite before I load the washing machine.

(Sometime later – 2-course lunch finished, time for laundry…finally)

I am going to make a quick call to mum and I can get on with the laundry right after. It will just take 5 minutes and then I’m free to concentrate on chores.

(sometime later)

“Good Lord! Mum, I have to run. It’s 7 pm already and I don’t have any clothes for work tomorrow so I need to get my laundry done ASAP! Good chat though. I’ll call you later. Bye.”

Hmmm…Maybe I should shower so I can put my PJ’s into the wash as well.

(1 hour and an invigorating hot shower later)

Ok, I’m ready to do laundry now!

Oh no no no! I’m out of laundry detergent. Well, Sunday is almost over and I am way too lazy to venture out of my comfort zone now! I may as well use a couple of hours to unwind before the weekly grind starts and tackle the laundry tomorrow. I’ll figure something out.


Day 3

Dear Diary,

I wish I had tackled my laundry yesterday. Well, nothing to do but get through the day. I can wear my swimsuit under those trousers I bought 4 years ago and never used. They accentuate all the wrong curves but are the only fresh bottoms I have. As for a shirt, I wonder if I can wear the one I wore 4 days ago. It should work with a generous dose of floral perfume. I will pick up some detergent on my way home.

(Evening after work)

Guess what? Ed asked me out!! So I went on a shopping spree and managed to kill 2 birds with one stone. I found the most flattering, semi-formal summer dress for dinner tomorrow and a couple of other outfits to keep me going till I finish my laundry since I didn’t have enough time to buy some detergent.

Now I can look forward to my date in peace, without thoughts of laundry swirling around my head constantly.

Day 4

Dear Diary,

I have some major, life-changing news!

(Can’t stop jumping with glee)

I have found the perfect solution to my laundry woes – all thanks to Ed. The dinner was scrumptious, Ed was charming, funny and smart, but the icing on the cake was when he told me about Laundryheap!

He said that he’s been using it for months now and it’s extremely convenient. They collect dirty laundry, wash it and deliver it back, all within 24 hours! Isn’t that great!

Seems like a win-win situation to me. All I have to do is book a time-slot online and they take care of everything. It’s like magic – a few taps and hey presto, my clothes are clean!

Goodbye laundry duty, hello freedom!

Until next time…Adios!