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Laundry isn’t a fun task at the best of times – and that’s before the duller than dull job of putting it out to dry. Depending on where your washing machine is, you may either find it easy or super stressful to do. Limited space has become a big issue, especially in shared houses and flats.

Here’re some tips on how to make the most of the space you have and take the stress out of doing your laundry.

  1. INVEST IN STORAGE – If you’re already fighting for space, tripping over detergent, baskets and piles of clothes isn’t going to make an already tricky job easier. Whether you’ve got space in between the washing machine and dryer or can install some shelves – both things will maximise your floor space and save valuable laundry time. You can even store your iron and washing products in storage baskets, boxes or cabinets.


  1. SEPARATE YOUR WASH – Dragging two weeks-worth of laundry to the machine and dropping socks isn’t the only way. Have two separate bags or baskets – one for whites and one for darks. That way, you won’t end up with a whole load of dirty grey clothes! If you want to go one step further, get another one for colours. The bags/baskets can be slid under a kitchen counter or in the utility room (if you have one) to save floor space.


  1. USE A LAZY SUSAN – Better known for separating dishes at a Chinese restaurant, a Lazy Susan provides perfect compartments for detergents, fabric softeners and pegs. Hide it away in a cupboard or display it neatly on a worktop. It’ll save you keeping the boxes and packaging detergents normally come in and make laundry a little less boring!


  1. DITCH THE BASKETS – Sorting laundry and buying multiple baskets isn’t for everyone – particularly if space is an issue. Cut out that step altogether by using a large towel or sheet to wrap the clothes up in and say goodbye to dropped socks! When you’re using the dryer, the same thing applies. Throw a clean towel or sheet in with the clothes and do the same thing in reverse.


  1. FOLD DIFFERENTLY – Once your clothes are clean, it’s tempting to just shove it on the ‘laundry chair’ in your room or crumple it up in a drawer. Instead of folding your clothes and stacking them top to bottom in the drawers, fill them front to back so you can see everything you have. Save laundry time and getting dressed time.


If you’re still not convinced, forget about doing your own laundry and hand your washing over to LAUNDRYHEAP. No messing about, just professional, efficient service and super-clean clothes.

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