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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Clean In The Washing Machine


We are all aware that the washing machine cleans our clothes, bedding and covers. Some of us know that it’s okay to put nylon sneakers in there too. Believe it or not, many things can be put into the washing machine for a good cleaning.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know you could clean in the washing machine:

1. Exercise Mats

A majority of exercise mats (or yoga mats) are machine washable. Just remember to check the label. Maybe you give it a wipe after each session, but you know that doesn’t clean it thoroughly. 

  • Use a delicate and a low temperature cycle wash and avoid the spin cycle. Then let it dry naturally.

person rolling green gym mat

2. Stuffed Toys

Your childs cute little furry toys need a good washing too (obviously!), so you can put it inside the washing machine. Kids, especially toddlers, love to take their stuffed toy with them everywhere around the house. Who knows how much germs have accumulated onto their favourite sleeping buddy?!

  • Wash on a gentle cycle at a low temperature. You want to be careful not to melt any glued on features, so feel free to put it into a mesh bag for extra care and all to dry naturally!

closeup photography of brown teddy bear

3. Backpacks

Backpacks are put through everything. It’s not hanging up somewhere, then it’s usually kept on the ground. So you can imagine how dirty the base of a bag must be. Cloth and vinyl material bags are completely safe to be put into the washing machine.

  • Turn the bag inside out and wash on a regular, warm cycle with heavy duty laundry detergent and dry naturally.

alone backpack bag commuter

4. Curtains (Home and Shower)

Your home curtains need an occasional clean too, as it accumulates dust particles over time. The curtains fabrics are safe to put into the washing machine, just be sure not to include the curtain rings, whether it’s your living room or shower curtains!

  • Wash as normal on a cold cycle and hang to dry naturally.

contemporary cozy curtain decoration

5. Pillows 

Both synthetic sofa pillows and down pillows are washing machine friendly! You don’t know how much dirt particles, germs, sweat and dead skin cells they’ve been collecting. So you need to clean it every few months or so.

  • Wash on a normal warm cycle and do a double spin cycle to get rid of excess water. You can put your pillow in the dryer on lowest heat possible or hang dry naturally.

red throw pillow on gray fabric chaise lounge near gray window curtain

And there you have it, 5 things you can put into the washing machine!

Just remember NOT to add extra laundry liquids such as fabric conditioner or bleach as it may very well ruin them. Oh and always check the label for extra care!

If you’re scheduling your laundry or dry cleaning with us, why not schedule a collection with us for your home and bedding washing too? We’ll have it looking as good as new when we return it to you.

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