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5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Washing Machine


Do you hear that aggressive noise coming from your washing machine? Did you almost slip over the leaking water again? Well, without going into technical terms and explanations, here are 5 signs that tell you it’s time for you to replace that old thing.

  1. It’s having a concert: Okay, so not literally having a ‘concert’, but the noise is so over-powering that you can barely hear the TV. It’s spinning so fast that it becomes unbalanced and makes loud thumping noises. This probably means that you have to re-arrange your load or that your motor mount may be loose.
  2. It’s leaking, EXCESSIVELY!: Another obvious sign is an overly leaky machine. The problem results from either overflowing water because it doesn’t match your load size or there’s a loose connection in one of the several hoses connected to the washing machine.
  3. The water hasn’t drained: If your cycle has ended but your clothes are still soaking wet when you go to take them out, it’s clearly because the water hasn’t drained and there’s most likely a problem with your water filter.
  4. There’s a funky smell: If you open your machine and almost get knocked out by an awful smell, that’s because, over time, your machine has been collecting soap scum, dirt and other debris. This causes bacteria and mould to grow in your machine. 
  5. You bought it before 2010: Like all appliances, they are subject to eventually wear out. Typically, you want to replace your washing machine every 8-11 years depending on how high-tech it is. Anything over this period will cause problems to arise with your laundry. So if it’s been 8 years, it’s about time to upgrade.


If you notice any of these signs, parts of your washing machine have begun to wear out. The first thing you can do is get it checked and repaired by a professional or replaced asap! Meanwhile, whilst you’re waiting to resolve your washing machine issue, you can leave your laundry to Laundryheap! (We’ll probably get your clothes delivered back to you before your washing machine is replaced 😉)

4 thoughts on “5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Washing Machine

  1. Great article! These signs are really helpful in identifying when it’s time to replace an old washing machine. Thanks, for sharing.

  2. I had not thought about it before, but the smell of your washing machine could have a major impact on whether you repair or replace it. As the article points out, over time your washer will start to accumulate soap scum, dirt, bacteria, etc. and start to smell. Because of this, you may need to ask your repair service if their is a way to fix the problem or just replace the washing machine altogether.

  3. It is nice to learn these tips. I love to go for some cases like these washing machine maintenance. Thanks.

  4. Last week my washing machine were funky smell, so I just came through this article. I will surley replace the my machine. Thanks Angelica for sharing this information.

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