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10 Camping Tips For Beginners


Camping is a great way to explore the outdoors, get fresh air and enjoy nature. It’s a great city escape and staycation for families. If you’re going camping for the first time and are not quite sure how to prepare yourself for it, here a few tips that will help you get started.

Camping Tips For Beginners

  • Choose the right campsite

There will be a variety of campsites catered to individuals with different needs. Check for campsites that have the facilities you need for you and whomever you’re going with. Look for child-friendly sites that have showers and toilets or check if dogs are permitted.

As a new camper, it’s best to stay on a campsite with shower and toilet facilities, and a town nearby just in case you need some supplies or somewhere to eat.

  • Choose the right tent

Tents come in all sorts of styles and sizes, so it can be difficult to choose one that’s perfect for you. When looking to purchase a tent, always have in mind how many of you are going to sleep in there. Purchase a tent size that can fit two times more than the number of people who will use it. This is so there is more space and it’s comfortable to sleep in. The tent style you choose will depend on what suits your preference.

  • Practice pitching your tent

Once you’ve chosen the right tent, you should practice pitching the tent in your back garden. This is so that you know how to set it up and take it down at the campsite without encountering problems.

  • Practice camping

Once you’ve mastered pitching your tent, try to practice camping for the night in your back garden. It will help give you an idea of what to expect and will help you prepare yourself in terms of what equipment is appropriate to bring.

  • Create a check list

Stay organised and create a checklist to keep track of the items that you will be bringing to make sure that you won’t forget anything when you leave the campsite. 

It’s essential to bring with you the following: a first aid kit, a packet of matches, a flashlight, a sleeping bag, Swiss Army Knife, camping chairs, folding table and cooking equipment.

  • Know your camping gear

If you’ve purchased new camping gear, save yourself from fiddling about with your gear at the campsite by trying it out beforehand to see if it works well and you know how to use it.

  • Set up properly at the campsite

The best place to set up your tent at the campsite is on level ground that is clear from any rocks/ debris. You don’t want anything ruining the outside of your tent nor disrupting the comfort of your sleep. When setting up your tent, make sure it is facing against the wind (if any) and put pegs at a 45-degree angle in the ground for more stability.

  • Know the camping ground rules

It’s essential to get accustomed to the rules of the campsite to avoid unwanted issues during your stay there. Some campsite rules are to respect the space and privacy of other campers, keep the noise level low, and keep facilities and the area clean.

  • Plan meals in advance

If the campsite you’ve chosen allows campfires, prepare your meals in advance to make cooking meals at the campsite easier. Camp meals should be portable, non-perishable and nutritious! Bring food items that are easy to cook, like canned foods and eggs, and bring snacks like fruit and oat bars. 

Research nearby markets and restaurants if your campsite does not allow campfires.

  • Bring enough clothing

It’s okay to overpack clothes when you go camping as the weather conditions in the area can be unpredictable and may require you to need different pieces of clothing. There are also no laundry facilities on site, so it’s best to bring extra clothes to be on the safe side.

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  1. great! very much appreciated for sharing this.

  2. Thank you very much for these tips! 🙂 Traveling ultralight and trimming weight can be done with the tips above. This way, you have a streamlined pack that weighs much less than what you started with. With a few simple upgrades and smart investments, you can really shed the extra pounds from your pack.

  3. Hi there! I have to say, it was very nice of you to talk about how we must prepare our camp food in advance for the sake of everyone’s convenience. My cousins and I have decided to spend our weekend in North Carolina but we’re still not sure exactly where we should go. I guess we can now find a suitable ground to have some fun together.

  4. I’m absolutely grateful you said that if you’ve just bought new camping equipment, test it out ahead to make sure it functions well and that you understand how to use it since it will prevent you from fumbling with it at the campground. My boyfriend and I are planning to go on a camping trip before the month ends and we’re thinking about buying a 3 Sided Vehicle Awning so your tip is handy. We will make sure we try and test the awning we’ll purchase before going on the trip; thanks a lot.

  5. I love these camping tips, especially since they will be very useful during my camping trip! Knowing your gear is really important, especially so you know what to do for many different scenarios. Do you have any tips in trying to lessen space? I have some extra essential items like portable toilets, which I love to use, but I’d love to also have more space so that I wouldn’t have to carry too much. Maybe you have some tips for that.

  6. Your tips will surely help them to make sure that everything they need will be available during the camping activities.

  7. I think it would be crucial to purchase any other camping gear, including clothes and cooking supplies, from a reputable supplier to ensure its quality.

  8. This is a great set of camping tips for beginners. They’re large and strong, making them perfect for making up as needed during their stay in camp.

  9. I really appreciate your suggestions on camping for beginning campers. It makes a lot of sense to choose a tent for camping that matches your personal preferences. I think it would be crucial to purchase any other camping gear, including clothes and cooking supplies, from a reputable supplier to ensure its quality.

  10. invest in your storage boxes 🙂

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  12. It sure was helpful when you said that you could create a checklist so you could keep track of the items that you will bring to a campsite. This is something that I will share with a friend who mentioned that her church is planning to rent a camp facility for 2-3 days to celebrate their anniversary next month. Your tips will surely help them ensure that everything needed would be available during the camping activities.

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